Saturday, what a day

I’ve just eaten the heel/end bit/crust of two loaves (end of one, start of a new one), toasted and buttered and marmited. Got a brew to go with it. Not sure the day can be bettered tbqh, might go back to bed and see if Sunday can rival such peaks of emotion.


Morning :coffee: :sunny: Still in bed with coffees while my bf is playing the baby some noise in the form of Castrovalva, baby is loving it :metal: Soon I’ll put baby in the sling and go for a walk and more coffees, then hopefully finish watching Sex and the City season 6. Bring on ‘And Just Like That…’! :night_with_stars:


Morning all,

On the way Stafford for coffee. Tired after a late night at a gig but, mercifully F slept well so could be much worse.

Today will be Lidl shopping, walk round campus and in laws for tea.


Watching Inside Out with the silly kid while the baby is asleep on my chest. Decent. Proper tired though.


Tried to get up early to watch the electric wizards tournament. Fell asleep ten minutes into the first game. Just woke up again with no real idea of what century it is.


Washed up, made the family pancakes and now getting ready to take my daughter swimming


Fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up at 7am. In bed now.

The new me was in the gym before 9 :nail_care:

Going to spend the watching the bike racing men


Going to make some Crunchie tiffin and then do some tidying up in the garden.

Hot dogs for lunch.

Curry for tea.

Might have a bath at some point.

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London Metropolitan Elite: do you know anywhere that does hot dogs with onion rings and BBQ sauce? Home made not an option. Meat or meatless both fine.

Does Meat Liquor still exist?

Their onion rings were probably the best I’ve had.

I’m not LME so probably been closed for ten years and the people running it now do a Vietnamese food boat on thr Thames or something.

The Brighton one definitely does

Fucking hell - I think I might have agree to go to soft play with The Child, her annoying friend and friend’s dad.

I’m hoping by the time I see them in an hour all the slots will be booked up.

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:heart_eyes: Oh my

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Thoughts and prayers Keith. I think we’re finally past that stage now


Doing it with a mix of crunchie and malteasers in fact.

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Gonna cook some brisket with lots of chipotle, peppers, tomatoes, chillis, chorizo and garlic etc. while that cooks away me and the girlfriend will pop out for a coupla drinks and what have you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Youngest of the clan deffo has chicken pox. Pretty much stuck inside today apart from taking og bairn swimming after lunch.

Got halloumi and cous cous for dinner but not really looking forward to it. But then i have ate crap three nights in a row this week so i should behave really.

That sounds dreamy.

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Got my 4th dose, went to the tip, supermarket, then I’m gonna roast a chicken for some pals coming round. Also teaching the kiddo to dance to Carly Rae Jepsen. He went nuts for it this morning.