Saturday, what a day

Went to Sleazy’s and had some cocktails with buck in the name and i’m done.


The price of a White Russian these days is ludicrous.

Phone won’t let me upload my excellent breakfast burrito wah

Played tennis. Now watching ‘Floor is Lava’.
Gonna try and clear the attic out later to put some insulation in at some point and maybe tidy up the garden. Then watch some footy #yesImyourDad

I like the fact that there’s a menagerie in the park (Victoria Park?) in Stafford. Never seen that before


Yeh Victoria Park. Its nice isnt it? So much better since its been renovated.

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Went to the fancy bakery earlier and got (amongst other things) the world’s biggest cheese straw


Ah my visit last month was the first time I’ve been there. A nice walk up from the (bleak) train station to the civic centre!

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Is the aviary a permanent thing? Went up there a few months back and assumed it was just a temporary exhibition because we don’t normally get nice things.



Having a lovely day - me and the kid got out of my girlfriend’s hair for a few hours to give her some well deserved time to herself, me and babs have been record shopping, got a fancy coffee and now a beer, he’s been great and the weather is perfect to just mooch about :slight_smile:


It is permanent yeh! :blush:

Oh my days they look incredible.:heart_eyes:

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Nice walk this morning

Found a load of chestnuts on the ground, gonna roast these up for something or another


Need some quality outdoors time soon before I turn into a goblin tonight

Give them to squirrels when you next see them

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We did go to soft play.

The Child’s friend was annoying and possessive.

I’m glad to be home now.

Taken myself out for chips on the beach


There’s not mushroom left on this fallen tree trunk



I’ve helped my daughter move then had a couple of pints in the sun . And now I don’t want to go home

Hoping my friend will come meet me soon so I don’t have to get drunk killing time

Just get drunk as it is fun

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Every Saturday I wake up with new bruises on my shins from where I’ve smacked them on the corner of the table :sob: it really bad ang love