Saturday, where's summer gone thread

Morning folks

Rained a bit last night, eh?

What you up to today? It’s the Brighton meet this afternoon if anyone fancies hopping on a train down south.

Alright Rob. Solo parenting today, currently watching Hey Duggee and having cuddles. May get some beerz in for the cycling later. Also, dunno what to have for dinner.

I have zero plans today. Wondering if I should arrange something, I haven’t seen anyone since last Saturday :thinking:

Morning all. OH has gone off to a wedding in Thirsk so me and the pooch are having a lie-in.

I’m on call and the weather is fairly dreadful so looks like it’s going to be a stellar day.

Rich -> :pizza:


Had a hellish work week. I feel completely drained.

Fuck it, though, I’m going to Canada later today.


Hmmm, OH doesn’t really like shop pizza and she’ll be back by dinnertime.

Not seen this on Facebook yet but it’s only a matter of time



Baby slept well last night but woke at 5:15 which is too late for me to get back to sleep so I’ve been up a while now. She has slept next to me while I’ve played vidya so can’t complain. Off to Sheffield later to some ATDs so we can see how she copes with a longer car journey.

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Anyway: good morning! I’ve got a bit of a headache (surely not a hangover from two glasses of wine?) but I’m up and about. The youngest is having her birthday party today as we’ll be in Berlin on her actual birthday. Then I think I’m making pizza tonight and we’re watching a film of their choice. Which may or may not be the Captain Underpants movie :smiley: :grimacing:



The high on Wednesday in the SE is thirty fucking FOUR. There’s your summer.

Morning. Today I will mostly be trying to get someone to fix my boiler.

Feel remarkably ok after drinking for the first time in ages last night. Got woken up at 5.30 by a howling cat so that helped! Off to work shortly, gonna be a busy one.

Really cba to get out of bed. Anyone wanna make me a bacon sarnie?

Me and Jimbo have been up since before seven, but my OH isn’t up yet. Definitely no guilt about going boozing this afternoon and leaving her solo parenting.

Morning all!

Football this morning and then no plans for the rest of the weekend. Wor Lass wants to spend the weekend toilet training The Child. I’ll try to ensure all of the updates include at least one unpleasant metaphor.

We’re probably having some takeaway tonight. I’d quite like a curry but I’m interested in looking at the international options Just Eat can offer me.

Fuck I’m out of bread!

Eating Thai curry and quinoa for breakfast with Jnr (the only food we had in, surprisingly good for breakfast)

Work soon, hope it doesn’t rain too much.

I’d eat that.

Had this monstrosity arrive. Cake stand apparently. It’s frigging huge