Saturday, where's summer gone thread

That’s ridiculous. It looks like a cat play area for hippy cat owners


Shitting Christ.

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Congrats on the good work :smiley:

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One outrageously annoying trip to the shop later I have bread. Bacon is now frying along with sausages and hash browns. Was gonna save the latter for tomorrow but fuck it yolo


I feel sad.

Storming up nicely outside though.

All of this.

Morning all!

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Join you for a Rochefort 10 at 12.30pm yeah?


We’re going to need a bigger cake


Oh my god whoever invented fryups was a hero

I don’t have a warranty certificate but it was installed less than two years ago. Are the manufacturer going to honour the warranty?

  • Absolutely
  • ahahahahahahahahahahaha no
  • ur a boiler

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Slept well, ocado man been so we have some food. V wants to go see Spider-Man at the cinema so might do that.

Bit grey here but next week is looking sunny and hot. Bit irked at all the Friday schools out stuff on the radio etc. Four more days!

Revising and watching the cycling all day I think.

  • Out for a curry tonight
  • Order a curry in tonight
  • Make a curry tonight

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Shlept through all the rain it seems. Quite sunny ere

Pelting it down here. Mate’s bbq been reconfigured to pizza/pakora so that’s alright but it means I have not had bbq this year so far which is disappointing.

Also got the excitement of getting a price for redoing our en suite later - how can one tiny room cost so bloody much?

Morning all! Got a full 8 hours of sleep last night for the first time in weeks. Feel like king of the world!

Got loads of chore things to do this morning then gonna try to do some mastering/gig prep in the afternoon.

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Missed the bus last night to buy a loaf of Jackson’s (bus came one minute early). It made me quite angry at the time but I’ve now realised I have very tasty bread in my kitchen so I’m very happy indeed.
Life, eh? What a crazy ride we’re on.

Working this weekend - so that can all fuck off quite frankly.


Feeling a little tender

Hoping to see Zaz, Cory Henry, Bo Ningen, Rosalia, The Cure and TOKIMONSTA today, should be good. Also, more pizza.

I’m couchsurfing and my host is weird af, one of the strangest people I’ve ever met, genuinely quite glad to wake up today. Hiding in my room hoping that they leave so I can go about my business without making conversation.


Congratulations on the ahahahahahahahahahahaha no voters! The shit cunt previous owner did NOT do the boiler service the he said had been done and muggins here didn’t think to check, so the warranty is now void! And they can’t get an engineer out until Tuesday!! Which is good!!!

Now looking for last minute spa deals for tomorrow.


Morning all.
Working on my MA dissertation this morning. Fish finger butty later. Then Mclusky in Manchester and a few beers. Hopefully a couple of records get delivered today too.

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Hola! Food shopping and a 6th birthday party this arvo, I’m sure that’ll eat up the whole day