Saturday (with bonus poll)


Errr, no. Have you been to one?

No I haven’t, but I’m assuming the sell rhino shaped spearmints


Hmm, like a Percy pig but mintier.

Here’s another clue…it is dog related.

Radley Handbags? Your kids have expensive taste

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They do. Never heard of these though.

They all have dogs on them.Twas a dog ting.

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Yes you did! It does sound so exhausting, I’d be a ruin too!! but I’m so glad it was okay :slight_smile: xx

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If this training does its job, I’ll be making America great again before supper.

If not, I’ll be making chowder.



Mustard, uh-huh

What’s it doing down there?

This is why you should only wear mustard trousers.


I mean, I’m probably up by half seven anyway, but SHUT THE FUCK UP NOISY CUNTS

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got up this morning, popped my dressing gown on and got halfway down the stairs before realising I had a massive* fucking spider on my shoulder. threw it to the ground along with the dressing gown, wife attempted to kill it with fly spray (she insists that it works on spiders too, it didn’t), eventually trapped it in a glass and flung it into next door’s front garden.

now going to burn my dressing gown, the glass and possibly my house just to make sure it never happens again

*I’d estimate 2-3 inches in diameter, struggled to fit it in the glass


My coffee hasn’t been redelivered to the post office yet.

Might cry.

That would be nice. Too many breakables though.

Kanye thinks he’s @keith?

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if it had just been chilling out on the wall or something then I’d have been fine - it would still have been put outside but I’d have had no issue with it. the mistake it made was the surprise shoulder attack - wrong move.

I reckon it’ll be fine anyway, the fly spray seemed to have no effect and if it’s in my house it’s got a decent chance of being killed by my wife, so it’s probably chilling out in next door’s garden plotting who to make friends with next.