Saturday yeah?


Whats everyone up to?

I’m a bit hungover on my own in the office providing support for an Open Day blasting out Rammstein. Feel awful.

Gonna do some torturous task that needs to be finished by Friday and been putting off for weeks.

Gonna stick around til 2 then have a few drinks and get an early night.


At work.

My usual Saturday treat of a bacon and black pudding roll has gone out the window as they haven’t got black pudding in the canteen. Had an extra hash brown instead.

Going out for a curry tonight. YASS!

Woke up early, did a bit of reading, drinking coffee. Really need a couple beers today.

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What curry?

I’ve gotten into curry over the past year as I didnt have one til I was 28!

Get on the beers - Saturday is free reign. Like Christmas.

I might crack open a Jaipur at lunchtime.


Tandoori chicken chili and garlic karahi.

Loads of chilis and garlic in it and I end up absolutely humming from the garlic the next day, but it’s damn tasty

You heard that terrible advert for Tesco on the radio where some div is talking about making a steak for his dad but laying off the garlic cos hes going on a date?

Fucking awful

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Been to the butcher’s this morning, gonna marinade some lamb later. :sheep:

Done some packing of my suitcase ready for next week. :japan:

Then gonna sit about watching football and cycling and rugby all afternoon. :soccer: :bicyclist: :rugby_football:

Had a coffee this morning and it seems stronger than usual :grimacing:

Having second breakfast


Woke up at 6 am, couldn’t get back to sleep. Watched some Always Sunny (DAY MAN!)

Having a clean of the flat and getting rid of a load of crap I don’t need. On work cover as well.

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got up in time for mcdonalds breakfast

so i met this poet at a spoken word night, i’ve been working on some music to accompany her words and it’s so fucking exciting, doing more of that, that’s my plan for the day

she’s coming to record some more of her material on monday too which is giving me the kick in the arse i need to actually tidy the fuck up


Everyone, I’ve discovered the best breakfast - biscuits.


This weather is… not good.

Was gonna do some cleaning but hurt my hip a but playing football yesterday so will leave it for another day.

American or English…? And if English… you’re on about normal biscuits and not those biscuits they’ve badged as breakfast biscuits aye…?

Kate Tempest


Today it’s hobnobs, oaty no chocolate

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Speaking of hobbits, I’ve been invited to a birthday party with the theme BILBO’S BIRTHDAY!!! Gonna be amazing.


Dont go and say you went as invisible bilbo. :banter:


If it turns out I can’t go I will certainly use that as an excuse!