Saturday yeah?

How’d the date go WR?

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Waiting for a bus in rural Austria, to take me to the tiny station, where I will get a 10 min train to the big station that has trains that actually go more than 10 miles away. Being in the “Unterland” seems more adventurous than it really is.

Of course it’s lovely sunshine now that I’m leaving and don’t have a horrible cold. I’ve either been ill or it’s been pissing it down all week, meaning I didn’t go to St Gallen or Lindau.

That piddly little stream on the map is the mighty Rhein.


At work, then beer, rugby and HET VOLK!!! (Aka Omloop Het Nieuwsblad)

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that’s right, kate tempest is the only female poet in london

Off to Cambridge to hang with friends. Never been before so quite excited. However they’re doing something boring in the evening, so any Camb-based DiSsers want to go for a drink?

Eating breakfast in McDonald’s because Wor Lass is away and we didn’t get numbers for football.

Goung to try watching Solaris today but might just drink beer and play Fallout.

Also planning on ordering pizza later because I don’t have to worry about GF or DF options.

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Cool! Look forward to hearing your stuff on Radio 3 mate!


Went pretty well thanks to all of your thoughts and prayers :pray::pray::pray:


Cons: its pissing down; i have a really sore ankle

Pros: Gonna stay in and play micro machines and sonic with my son all day; my band is supporting The Blockheads this evening

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Mornin Songs, how you keeping?
Not long up after an awards shindig last night in Edinburgh. Think I’m gonna pop down to the shops for some breakfast stuff.
Beers, rugby and football ahead.

Yeah not bad cheers.

Was the Awards for the Handsomest man in Scotland? What did you say in your acceptance speech?

What Rammstein albums are you listening to?


Golf awards, not particularly scintillating.

Is there a worst dressed category?

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need to write a tasteful guitar solo this morning

Was gonna take on a low paid job tomorrow, turns out low paid means being paid in pizza. Ffs.


I’m waiting in for some bass stuff to be delivered and trying to figure out what to take to a penoid tournament tomorrow, if I’m up for it. I can’t decide a final tweak so I’ll open it to the floor and trust in the wisdom of the hive mind.

What card do I cut to fit a third Enforced Curfew:

  • Diversified Portfolio
  • Tech Startup
  • Genetics Pavilion

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I don’t see the problem.

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I went for genetics pavilion on the basis that it sounds like a euphemism for a banned act.