Morning. What’s everyone up to?

Having discussed sushi on here last night briefly, I’m on a train and someone diagonal from me is preparing to snaffle some sushi at this time of day. Not on really, is it.

I have a few hours to kill in Sheffield today. What’s good? I haven’t been there in years.


mcdonalds breakfast, then watch some documentaries on netflix. anyone recommend some documentaries?


Welcome to Leith is good but maybe too depressing just after the inauguration of a white supremacist?

The one about Amanda Knox was good too.


Morning Blobcow! What are you up to in Sheffield?

I want to get up and have a shower but my flatmate and his friend removed the bathroom door yesterday evening to paint the frame and they didn’t get round to putting the door back up soooo this is probably karma for not helping them…


Supposed to be viewing a flat in Stockholm over FaceTime this morning, then off to play football. Really just hope both get cancelled so I can stay in bed. Later I’m going to the pub to have a pie.


Probably gonna take ma boy to a play cafe or something. So so so tired though.


i’ve seen the Knox one so will check out Welcome to Leith


Really enjoyed both the Nina Simone and Fela Kuti ones!

Had previously been recommended Death of a Gentleman and All This Mayhem but not gotten round to watching them yet.


going to the women’s march today, that’s about it. eating a sausage sandwich, drinking coffee and watching frasier.

thin blue line is on netflix


I’m waiting at the barbers to have a haircut. One of the dullest waiting experiences people have to go through on a semi-frequent basis.

Might go see Manchester By The Sea afterwards because people keep tellint me to.


Does the march go past picadilly? If so someone un-bore me at the bookshop?


Got a hangover. V unusual. :baby:t2: is :sleeping: so I should really get rest while I can but I’m reading posts on drowned in sound about people eating :pizza: last night


Head shaved and beard shaved off before 10am. Will head out for a bit of a nose around the shops in a bit and hopefully be back by lunch. Went to see Hedda Gabler last night. Wasn’t good, wouldn’t go back.


I feel guilty because I’m not playing football and they’re short of players. Fully in need of the rest though so doubt I’ll change my mind.

Had some quite disappointing sliders last night. Not sure what I’m eating tonight but need to cook something jazzy.


might be meeting a friend for some coffee later on, just playing Hearthstone listening to Marky K at the moment.


Morning all.

Got my washing on and have come back to bed.

Don’t actually have to do anything until haircut at 5pm. Will probably hang out with my housemate for a little before then. Have a party to go to later.

Strange dream about tarantulas half way through the night.

Might watch episode 2 of Ways of Seeing (John Bergers series from the 70s) on Youtube in a moment. Start the day with some intellectual thought.


oh dear I’m drinking beer in the morning again!



All sorted now - I’m going to eat some kind of homemade middle eastern style mezze banquet after watching them making kofte on Saturday Kitchen.


wrong mark but I like that song actually