Morning chaps.

Got up super early at 7 did some de-cobwebbing, trying to be productive, got the vacuum cleaner out and left on with the wires underneath them, started to smell this horrific burning smell and now it’s chewed/melted the wires and I feel sick after breathing loads of it in. Nice!

Any good plans?


:mushroom: :race_car:

Bike ride in half an hour, then pizza, booze and Mario kart (assuming it turns up today).
Probably watch the boxing later.


Morning Bamnam.

I’m also on a cleaning mission today/this weekend - the aim is to try to declutter as much as possible as I always feel far more ‘with it’ when I have a clean, organised home. That’s the theory anyway!


Hey Bam! Was wide awake at 6:30 due to lack of curtains at our new place. Gonna go check out my new local climbing wall, then head to watch my little brother play cricket before crashing to play video games.


Football game to watch today that I wish I could convince myself I didn’t care about. Nothing on later. Got japandroids tomorrow night with two ATDs and Michael kiwanuka with the TV on Monday night.

Apart from that, depending on weather, maybe a long dog walk or two. Would love to convince the TV to get a clear out on the go as we’re meant to be moving in about 7 weeks but the chances of convincing and my commitment to this plan are both pretty low.


Hullo. On my way to band pracco (sorry theo). Then out to meet my sister and her husband for many beers and indian food. Should be good.



We’re taking my in-laws out for lunch I think, then home later to see what this Mario kart business is all about. :oncoming_automobile:


Morning Bam :slight_smile:

Am still feeling a bit shaky / weird after last night’s episode. I think I need to find better ways of dealing with stress as I’m just ending up feeling all coiled up and tense at the end of each week!

Nevertheless, I slept reasonably well. Going to go out for a walk this morning with the girls, then we’ve got a friend’s birthday barbecue this afternoon.


I’ve ordered a Henry as a replacement though so it’s gonna be ok


Morning Bam, morning all.

Will be spending this morning getting the kids through the bath, this afternoon continuing to teach my daughter chess.

Drop them back at their Mum’s after tea, get a couple of beers and a bottle of rum on the way back, physio on my foot and then the evening watching stuff on Netflix / reading / writing letters and having a little drink.



what games are you gonna be playing?


sounds like a productive and fun/wholesome day. Well done!


G’day. I’m in Split. Just gonna mooch about today as I’m pretty knackered after a long day yesterday. Went to Plitvice Lakes which are properly stunning ans then was on a bus forever.


Hiya Bam

Taking a load of people on an organised museum trip this morning.

Then coming back and getting into my pyjamas and playing Zelda and drinking beer and ordering Indian food in because I’ve worked stupid hard on this conference thing and I deserve it


ah that sounds great.

What museum are you going to? I enjoyed looking at a bunch of roman stuff in a museum in cambridge last year but got told off for having a backpack as I might be a terrorist. That was my last museum experience.


Have to write a review in the next two hours. Tea and chocolate are going to get me through this.

Going to an album launch in this gallery later.


I’ve been given a £5 free bet by Ladbrokes that I need to use today. If you were going to throw away £5 today - what would you bet on? Ideas please.


Good morning all,
Going to start writing my research project today… Does anyone know how to write one? I’m probably the worst person for procrastination, but that time is no more… Once I get out of bed.

@witches I stole your joke about me and my friends running out of batteries for instagram, gone down a treat!


Celtic, Bayern, Atleti and Barca to win gives you 4.4/1