Morning all

How are you? Just woken up, waiting for someone to get round to starting the Saturday thread? Well, here it is!

It’s FENINO tonight. But before then, I’m going to a kitchen showroom.



Have a good time, bog DiSers. I’m doing my utmost to undo my own happiness, such is the ice dagger.

Within 10 minutes of waking up, my son had asked me to explain ‘why days are 24 hours but the days are getting longer’; evolution; and testicles.

I’m exhausted.


I mean the reason the days are getting longer are because the sun is proud to be his friend.

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Not the newspaper, let him know scousers never buy the sun


I’ve moved into the other bedroom this week which gets a lot more light and only has a thin white curtain. As a result I’ve been waking up much earlier and am finding it much easier to get out of bed. Result! I’m off into town now to buy some writing paper as I owe pocketmouse a letter - need to get in and out before the tourist hordes descend.

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Right I’ve decided to stay up and go on a day date anyway because I want to.
Unless DiS can convince me it’s a horrendous idea…

Oh yeah - I had to explain freckles, melanin and skin colour too.

We’ve set aside some time to discuss regional relationships with the tabloid press on Sunday.


All valid questions tbh. Why this isn’t covered in school is genuinely confusing.

Morning all

I am literally waiting at the gate at Gatwick to get on a plane to Milan. Should be good.

they have a vending machine that serves Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, quite tempted but just had a bacon roll so seems a bit disgusting to eat that much this early.


Oh btw my new flatmate dropped the absolute BOMBSHELL that Drake is her second cousin, and managed to prove it, so you can all shut up really.
We’re talking Nan text messages, it goes deep man.

I guess most of it is… but prob not until you’re 14 or whatever. He wants answers NOW goddamnit!

Oh just sing Lady in Red it’s what we all want, including him.

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User/name interface

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If you want to bake something for Monday btw you probably should
Just saying
You’re a good baker

Also: you’re at the airport. Holiday rules apply. Go for it!


You’re on holiday, rules don’t apply.


Busy day, going to walk to my sisters and see my nieces, probably have a really shit game of hide and seek with the eldest.

Then to Haworth to see my friend who’s birthday night I’ll be missing. Though it’ll be rammed as it’s 1940s weekend and I will just want a beer.

Then over to Leeds for The Cribs, and hopefully some nice beer before that. Then my friend is djing somewhere but it’s a bit out of the centre and fairly skint so not 100% sure if I’ll go.

My five year old nephew always wants to play hide and seek but he’s so so so bad at it!

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As ill-equipped as I sound/am, I’d love to have a child. I know it’s selfish. I’m a bad man.