How we doing?

I’m off to a Netrunner regional despite being on the tail end of a migraine. I’ve got sunglasses and earplugs packed in case it’s a bit much. I’m going to look like a weapons grade prick if I have to use them.

Plans? Recovered from election all-nighters?

Morning friend(s) I’ve got to work till 14.30 will watch the football with some pals later. Nothing too wild planned though.

Hi Eps. Hope you feel better soon.

Gonna get up shortly and get out on the bike. Bed is v cosy though, maybe I won’t bother.

Hair cut later. Then probably go to the nice beer shop. Might pick up a pizza, but I had one last night so… that’s a bit much, maybe?

Should be picking my new bike up today :smile:

Sausage sarnie for breakie :smile:

Edit: also good luck in the tourney!!

Is it me or has this really snuck under the radar with all that’s been going on and it being end of season etc…

All I saw was the players on a boot camp…

Bake a cake, school fete then kids science show at the cathedral (in your face, God!)

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Having eggs and coffee, bout to watch frasier, off to band practice in a bit. Usual saturday shite tbh.

A couple of mates are up staying for the night. Big walk round Winchester then beer and food

Leftover pizza for breakfast.

Might wash the car.

Do a bit of cleaning.

Going out for a curry tonight for me birthday (it’s not til Wednesday)

Morning all!

Football this morning followed by inlaws visiting to look at the child. Once they leave I can watch an awful football game, eat burgers and drink beer.

Alright Eps and co. Completely in love with my parents’ new dog. Gotta some sweet plans today, Lincoln castle’s got a food festival on so popping there for some soft shelled crab and to weigh up the prospect of travelling 150 miles north of London for an Honest burger. Will have beer.

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Golf this morning. Big tournament with lots of big prizes…£5000 for a hole in one, first class flights to Dubai, new clubs, etc, etc.

Dreading the footie later. Got a bad feeling for Scotland.
5:0 England :cry::sob::fearful::fearful::fearful::sob::cry:

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Good dog, that!

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Can’t hack the fluorescent lights. Going to have to be That Guy.

… which guy?

I think you should do a hole in one just saying this in case you do one and I can claim it was my idea and am entitled to some of the money


Hey ho. Lazy day ahoy. Stars of the Lid droning on in the background, book being read, guacamole and poached eggs on toast being prepared by a lovely woman and a range of pleasing teas to be drunk. Not the worst start to the weekend. Might go shopping for over priced mountain stomping stuff later, but probably won’t bother.

Lunch at my parents. Then back to my flat where I’ll do nothing; maybe a flat clean. Then seeing The Wedding Present do their brilliant George Best album in full at The Roundabout.

Have a great day everyone.

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That’ll be awesome. The gig. I don’t know your parents from Adam.

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