Ahoy there.

Saturday and Sunshine, a deadly and toxic combo.

Off to Ryman to buy a heavy duty stapler and then a 90 odd mile drive to Brightlingsea on the Essex coast for football. Have to file a report for the Non League Paper and then drive home to cook steak, fried potatoes and peas.

What are you gorgeous folk doing this day?

I drank a whole bottle of Buckfast last night and I don’t feel like pure shite this morning. Weird.

Going to an all dayer to watch bands.



I am in Glasgow! Bonus real life DiSing picture! (I obviously doused myself in it before the flight, as us tradition.)




Going to Redditch for a Nando’s (it’s basically a bribe from Mrs Fox to get me to traipse around shops with her)

Got the fucking WEEKEND OFF, friends.

Getting a tattoo in a couple of hours then heading to London to see a friend I haven’t met up with for a fair while, before getting some dinner and then enjoying Tim Heidecker/Neil Hamburger.

Fell asleep on my friend’s sofa, walked home at about 5.30am. Had some porridge when I got in, but then ate an entire (small) loaf of bread’s worth of toast w/ vegemite/jam. Does that indicate some larger problem, do we think?

5 hours sleep. Made blueberry pancakes with the boy. Trying to get the mental and physical energy together to take him to a play park.

Football in an hour.

Possible DiS afternoon followed by Bike Wanker Drinks tonight.

Off to Chatteris with my pals Han, Luke and… Jake to move some tiny plastic spaceships around some MDF painted to look like a star field in a minute.


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Hello! Was going to start the Saturday thread themed around my parents mad cat but I got distracted playing with her and then drinking tea with my Mum at 7:30 this morning. Tried to take a photo of saffy the cat but she seems wise to the camera and looks a bit disgruntled every time I shove it in her face. Tricksy cat.

@Jeremys_Iron happy wedding anniversary to you and mrs J_I !!

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Morning everyone.

Watched the US of states version of the deathnote film on Netflix this morning. Going for a coffee then pub all day and party all night. :100: (bed or browned out by 7pm)

Think I’ve got gastroenteritis. Had a pretty miserable night running from the bedroom to the bathroom many many times. Supposed to be at the cricket again but think I’ll be watching it on the tv now.

can’t wait to play uno in a caravan tonight
hope it rains

Staying in the most beautiful cabin in the wye valley. It has an indoor herb collection (steady on) and a baby grand piano :heart_eyes:


It’s definitely not that in Glasgow! Slate grey skies up here!

Heyo, had a scramble to find my headphones before the train.

Just joined the cracked phone screen club whilst waiting at the platform there. Only a small bit at the bottom right so is ok.

Gonna do something with some Dissers later. Gonna try get some train kip.

Just ran a parkrun in the pouring rain - feeling sorry for the bike wankers. A bloody wasp stung me on the finger half way round _ thank god I was running or I may have had a panic attack.

Hope you feel better soon @ZooKeepersBoy!

Aw man missed my lift to the farm :frowning:
Looking like I’m the only living boy in London today then but that weather fuck me, might go out and get a posh brekkie I guess.

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Feel very sore after last night’s power ballad clubbing despite not drinking much. Wanna get some sunshine but I don’t think I can manage going further than my garden today.

Saw some sad news - a really lovely puppy I was following on Instagram died :cry: Rip Puffie