I’ve already been for a haircut.

Supposed to be going to play cards in a couple of hours but I literally can’t stop farting. Send help.



Did you gas the hairdresser?

I held it all in until I came home. I think I woke my gf up.


Also, I’ve been done by a Twitter bot



Save it for the annoying your partner thread

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What’s wrong with you? There’s barely daylight.

I’m playing football in two hours but it’ll be OK if I fart because I’ll be outside. I don’t have any advice for you other than something about doing your duty and having a stiff upper lip or something.

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Could get an 8 o’clock or 10 o’clock slot. Want to leave for cards at around 11.

Although at this point I’ll just be sitting here in a noxious cloud all day instead.

At least you’ll look tidy.


Down loads of water and then sit like a monk on the back of your heels while watching shit TV. You’re probably just a gloggy gut bag

Now: eggs, coffee, seinfeld (standard)
Later: studio

Aaaand that’s it. Might drink one beer later before going to bed at 9:30.

Pikelets + coffee + watching ‘do you know’ now
Opting out of a halloween party to play the snes in a bit
Trappist/other strong belgian beers later





Finally had a decent night’s sleep.

Had my bran flakes, got a spiced tea and reading Delayed Gratification, pretty depressing article about Bikini Atoll.

Not much on today probably watch the footie. Maybe go see Blade Runner and get some food.

I’m really enjoying that gif.

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Just spent the first half-hour of my day bringing our kitchen back from deep fried ruin. Gonna have some breakfast and then head to Castle Acre for a walk and a game of hide and seek. AND I’M NOT DECORATING!!!

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Big fan of castle acre

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Morning. Wife’s water has broken so been to hospital and now home. Baby should born in the next 48 hours…Ahhhhhh !!!


Woah! Hope it all goes well!



had a 200km ride all planned out today but that’s been shelved because I’ve not sorted out my stolen handlebars and shifters. urgh.

might go to IKEA later.

probably need to sort out the bike though.

Coffee :coffee: and jazz fm :radio:. Gotta help out stepdad in law with a lift in a bit then going to a pumpkin patch :jack_o_lantern: with the fams.

Made an enormous pasticcio last night. Still full.

Bogner ecstasy red or earthquaker palisades?