I’m up early doing some work. This is not busy-bragging, it’s a complaint that my boss is a useless cunt who can’t allocate resources properly and also probably voted for Trump, the stupid prick.

Going to nip to the shops for some scones in a minute and have those with a coffee.



Morning eps. Got to go out in an hour to chase a small ball around for a bit, then sort myself out for Paris tomorrow. Going out for fireworks and curry tonight.

Hope you have a nice day when you finish working.


Just had some blueberries and yogurt. Gonna drink a cup of tea and finish my book.

Plasticmichael has gone to north London to meet his brother for a Parkrun so I pretty much have this morning to myself. Probably just build the drawers for this we constructed last night

Should be able to pick my bike up later too!


Alright Epimer, laelfy, pniki

Cleaning all day today. Wooooooo. Might pub at lunch.


Gonna cook up some veggie egg mcmuffins.

Neighbours kid coming over shortly to be babysat - will try and ensure him and my son dont kill each other.

Parents coming over soon too. Argh.


On the 13th straight hour of a night shift. It’s a shit job. I finish at 9:15am.

Pub later with mates.


Morning! Going to fix some furniture up and maybe bake a cake, there’s this salted caramel icing powder in Sainsbury’s but idk if I cba. It would be good though, vegan salted caramel stuff usually just tastes of dates or maple syrup


Playing football with brand new shin pads, exciting eh.

But I am actually excited because I’m going to see Jane Weaver tonight.


Ughhh woke up about an hour before my alarm for some INEXPLICABLE reason


Morning team,
Off up to gleneagles shortly for some golf, not played in ages so essentially gonna be appprox 4 hours of sheer frustration :grimacing:
Then back down the road for some beers with an ATD.


reckon I will spend the day hanging out with the lads :cat::pouting_man:

want my bf to wake up and get me a cup of tea and a big bowl of weetos


Morning all!

Today I will be doing some exercise, cooking a massive vat of veggie chilli, and playing around with a new guitar pedal. But realistically, most of my time will be playing more FFVII.


Morning everyone!

Mrs Scorpio and I are belatedly celebrating our first wedding anniversary today, going to Brighton to eat all the food - thinking a dirty vegan kebab at Beelzebab and Terre a Terre for dinner.

There’s a vegan festival on in Southampton this weekend but looks like it might lean more heavily towards crystal healing, Gwyneth Paltrow style wellness nutribollocks than food so will probably give it a miss.


13 hours? Yeesh. Hope your final 45 minutes or so race by.


Morning assorted DiSers. Made coffee and eggs (not together, thewarn!) and am watching seinfeld as per usual breakfast protocol.

Off to band practice in a bit, then after going south bank to see silence of the lambs later :rofl: might stop off for a wahaca burrito on the way. What a day!



Woke up too early today, having got in late from seeing Silence Of The Lambs.

Today’s plan: bleed the radiators, play hockey, then go for a couple of pints and watch a fireworks display.


good morning DiS

the place I’m staying has fresh eggs so will cook some of them in a bit. plus coffee. was planning to bum about oxford all day today but it’s raining :persevere: so idk might just sit in a pub with a book


How was the Q&A with jodie? :blush:


Man, Winchester is so near, so spar from you


It was good. They didn’t open it up to the audience, so there were no ‘listen as I explain my theory, do you agree with it?’ questions, thankfully.