😝 Saturday 😝


Ey up.

I’m up already, got a :construction_worker_man:‍♂️ round to sort some bits in the flat.

Starving though, might have beans on toast for breakfast? Shall I offer Mr Builder tea?


Oh god he wants coffee


Morning you wonderful woman you!!!

Yeah, I’d offer. Let me know if he says yes or no. Builders have always declined my offer of tea :thinking: it’s not very stereotypical is it???!!! What’s wrong with my tea?! To be fair I do actually think I’m pretty bad at making tea. Very impatient.

The bf is off to play a gig tonight so I am all on my lonesome :cry: and I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do and I’m feeling a bit (very) anxious about it. Must chillax somehow :confused:

Before all that I’m finally going to pop into town and pick up a framed picture and some Lidl bits and bobs for the bf’s advent calendar. Might treat myself to a coffee!



morning guv’

I’m off for a country ramble wiv me mates this morning



Went to bed early last night as I’m trying to shake off a cold/cough ahead of playing hockey this afternoon. It hasn’t really worked.

I need to brave Westfield this morning to pick up a few bits (I lost one of my cycling gloves the other day and need to get a new pair), and then we’re off to see The Retreat this evening.


Morning pnik and all

I’m so so so tired - worked 8am until 4am with a two hour break in the evening because I had dinner plans out somewhere. Planned to have a lie-in today obviously but the radiator was left on and I got woken up by the heat and I can’t get back to sleep :pensive:

The TV is out at his office Xmas party tonight so I might just go to bed at 8


I hope you’re loudly grumbling and smashing about with a V60 or something rather than just making him instant.


Lovely day for it! First really frosty morning of the year here.


Imma take some pictures and show you all later.

It’ll be bonza!


I would absolutely murder someone for some lucozade right now


We had some band people stay at ours after a gig and I had to entertain them on my own the next morning. They asked for a coffee and I stupidly let it be known that they had a choice between instant and fucking hand ground aeropress coffee. ended up standing there grinding for what felt like days, they had two cups each!!! That’s a lot of grinding!! I’m an idiot.


Frankly they’ve been terrible people and taken advantage of your generous nature there.


Of course!

(obv we don’t have instant!)

(I was gonna make myself one anyway)


Morning world


Morning all

Didn’t sleep amazingly well: went to bed late, woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep. Nevertheless! I’m going to put some music on in the kitchen and work my way through the food prep like a boss.

@plasticniki - I feel your pain. We don’t drink coffee so we end up giving the builders rubbish coffee (or decent tea). I think it’s kind of contractual to offer though!


Morning all!

I’m doing a day of family time followed by a baby free evening. There should be some nice food involved too.


Can I just say I don’t like the way the title of this thread had turned out.


Morning! Got a wedding in Maidenhead today. Love a winter wedding, gonna dust off the waistcoat.


Coffee number 2. Mr Cool’s getting an airing.