Gotta get up to go have my flu jab. Why did I book it so early ffs



Might go to winter fest thing in the garden centre later, or maybe to check out the drained canal (they’ve set up a temporary museum showing what they found in it)

Might just sit in and eat though


Morning @epimer @scout @gonad and whoever else might be awake :wave:

We’re on the third rotation of Sister Winter so far today (eldest is in her element now it’s December!) Might go to a winter market thing later.

Good luck with the penoiding, EPs! GIVE 'EM HELL


Hiya, going to an all dayer that my mate is putting on which may turn into a multiple pint hellfest


Also @meowington - hope you’re enjoying your bread maker!


I’m looking for an excuse to be in London next Saturday night and for gigs it looks like I’ve got a choice between Gimp Fist, Crywank and Tim Westwood.


Morning all,

Throat is bad this morning. The Room was funny, but lot of the crowd were shouting slut etc., which I found a bit uncomfortable.

Up ‘early’ to watch the rugby league final, guess only me and @Matt_was_taken here care. What chance you give England? I’d say 4/10.

Rest of the day - study.

Hopefully catch up on Blue Planet this eve.


Just made a medium loaf to try it out. Obvs eaten half already and there’s just 2 of us :speak_no_evil:


Got the right hump. My bf woke me up mega early way before I was ready to be awake.



Morning. Going back to bed and then trundling out for the local winter fair. Local pub is going to have reindeer(s?) so I’ll take the dog down to visit those. Gonna drink a lot of beers today, so if any of the local lot bump into me then I’m sorry in advance.


Morning all. Got :field_hockey: later - might turn out to be my last game of the year. Then have a night out which starts at six :hushed: Which I think could be a heavy one but I’ll need to be careful as I need to work tomorrow. If someone could bring me scrambled eggs on toast and a hot chocolate to my bed that would be fantastic.


I saw crywank once, didn’t live up to the name.


Woke up hungover on a couch a bit bleary but wifey sent me a mini video of her opening the next window of the advent calendar I got her and it’s cheered me tons



Morning all!

Football at half ten. Hopefully posh beer shopping this afternoon; carrot burgers and The Life of Pets this evening; probably beer and or wine.


I’d say 2/10 tbh. Tight game. They win it in last 10 mins… ‘same as it ever was’ :sob:


Morning all. Up at 430 to fly to Rotorua, big meal with the TV’s family for early Christmas, then home to watch the cricket for the evening. Have a good day everyone


I met Tim Westwood once. Told him he was taller than he looks on the radio. Wasn’t funny then, isn’t funny now.


Is Buddy the Elf in the new Michael Haneke film?