I got up at six to deice the car and go collect a parcel that it turns out doesn’t exist. I will now go to back to bed.

Later I’m going to London (well, Bromley) so I can play card games tomorrow morning. And also so I’m not home for the Christmas party my gf’s hosting for her work colleagues, because fuck that.

Any recommendations for food round there?

What ye uptae?

Probably gonna stick some washing on in a minute. Exciting!


I take it you’re going to that new(ish) board game cafe?

Yep. I’m told they bring coffee and cake to you while you play, which will be a nice change from being in a poorly lit basement that smells like armpit.


I was up at 7 to give the cat his meds. But as I’m knackered I’m going back to bed.

Later I’m meeting friends for lunch and drinks before heading to Palace v Bournemouth. It looks freezing out so I’d better wrap up warm.

Yeah i went there a few weeks back. You heard about the new board game cafe in Croydon? That looks amazing

If you are looking for a pub in Bromley go the the Star and Garter. Amazing place.

For food, the Olive Tree cafe.

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No, bit out of the way for me. I only schlep to these places for tournaments anyway.

Morning @epimer @ynot @Songs_about_ducking @Bamnan and everyone else

Currently sat in bed while the girls watch songs on YouTube. Got my dad and his New Friend™ to stay. Going out a walk and lunch in the morning, then out for Chinese tonight.

Actually managed to sleep through the night without waking up coughing :+1:

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Fair enough. But this is the place anyway.

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put the washing on now eating coconut oil mmmmm

seems ludicrously cold outside this morning, you’re better off staying in bed I think

Morning all. Folks are visiting for the weekend, so got to entertain them. Reckon we’ll end up walking on the South Bank because of the magnetic hold it has over all parents. Apparently there’s a Christmas market there, so it’ll be even more hellishly crowded than usual.

The idea of entertaining my dad and his New Friend indoors all day fills me with utter dread. Just gonna put on a load of extra layers and brave it!

aaah christmas :wink:

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Morning all!

Current status: :sneezing_face: :worried:

Up with the kids. Missus is having a lie in. Snow in the garden. Might have to get coats and gloves on for a walk

Can I advise that you get shitfaced after the driving, not during or before?

bless you!

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I don’t want to Saturday yet. I want to stay in bed, all toasty. The TV has just put just like Christmas on. Feels appropriate

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