What’s up, mother lovers?

I’m off to a penoid tournament in eric’s neck of the woods in a bit. A few more listens to Eye of the Tiger and six or seven more nervous poos and I’m off.

What you up to today?


Goooooood morning. Good luck with the penoiding m7.

I’m off to Portsmouth in a bit. Going for breakfast at a cafe on the sea front, might buy a record afterwards. Then watching Portsmouth play Scunthorpe, sitting in a brewery taproom, these guys

Then a curry and more beer.

Have a good day everybody


Spent about a two hours with the cat Goodman on my lap.

Off to the pictures tonight to see three billboards thing or maybe The Post.


Morning mates.

Still in bed, really tired.

Going to make some music today then off to a mates for dinner and beers this evening. Should be a decent Saturday.

Good luck with the penoidery @Epimer!

Woke up to this in my mentions

Gonna take my little one to her friend’s birthday party later - so two hours of candy, cake & screaming - but not much else on

And +1 in the peniodary good luck wishes


Went for dinner with my parent yesterday. They took us for some super cheap amazing Indian veg food in a place with like 8 covers that looked like a bathroom. Open kitchen so you could see all the lil old ladies doing boss traditional cooking. Ate like a pig. Gonna be dreaming of the chilli baby corn, dosa, idli, urud daal and the chana masala today.

Cba with today. Going to go gym now.

Got a cider tasting later, not the biggest fan of cider. Potentially gonna be some meat pies there which should sweeten the deal. Maybe cinema later.

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Watching Trolls. Might go to the science museum today. Making a cassoulet for dinner. No other news.

Morning all.
Gonna go for a jaunt round Brockley farmers market, a dunk in Charlton lido and then home for Splatoon 2 related frustration this evening.


Having eggs and coffee and watching Frasier (SBP), then off to black metal band practice for a bit. Feeling p wrecked, might come home and go back to bed afterwards.


My favourite quote from last night’s dream:

“Where are you from?”
“I’m from around here.”
“Oh cool. We should take mushrooms and walk around some time.”


Feeling a lot better than I was last week. Going to go on the turbo for a spin later and listen to the Camila Cabello album. Might go watch Florida Project this afternoon too to get me out of the house.

Nor really sure what to have for Brekky. Maybe Porridge.

My whole life in 6 emojis… wowe.


Picking up some bedside tables. Wife’s friend coming over. Ummm, doing productive stuff working through my list of DIY stuff*
*watching football scratching myself on the sofa.

Played a brilliant gig last night. Genuinely amazed by how well it went. Had a few pints afterwards but after getting soaked for the third time on the way home I called it a night. No party for me.

Still, that means I’m fresh today. Kind of dreading how the day will go but I’m looking forward to rehearsal tonight.


Awesome Saturday.

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We’re making cassoulet tomorrow, I think.

I’ve been watching Hairy Bikers on Food Network on my sick days and they made it look tasty and easy.

I’m not up to anything. I’m working on a couple new tunes after the old creative bodily fluids started squirting again. Also getting annoyed with this job I’ve just got, it’s with the council and they’re hassling me for telephone numbers and addresses of relatives as part of the background checks.

I’ve told them repeatedly I don’t talk to my siblings and they’re getting whiny. WTF? Imagine if there were some history of family abuse or something and they were muscling somebody to get in touch with their abuser. Eugh.

Also I really don’t like giving cops unfettered access to this kind of information tbh.

Morning all!

I’m going to the gym in a bit because I haven’t done any exercise since mid-December. That will be fun.

I’ll be drinking some booze later because I’m over my illness but I haven’t decided what I want yet.

+1 boon to all of your Luck rolls @Epimer. I don’t know how cards calculate luck.

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I’m going to new haven fort to do a risk assessment/plan stuff for a school trip

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Taking the kids to a slightly patronising Dad’s only playgroup. You get free bacon sandwiches :+1:

Going to paint the bathroom this afternoon.