I’m going to new haven fort to do a risk assessment/plan stuff for a school trip


Taking the kids to a slightly patronising Dad’s only playgroup. You get free bacon sandwiches :+1:

Going to paint the bathroom this afternoon.


This is probably a Dasdsnet conversation but I can’t think of much worse than a dads only playgroup.


I’m not sure it’s actually Dad’s only, they put one on at the weekend every now and again so people who can’t make it in the week can go. It’s just pitched very patronisingly:


I give up!


Yeah - I don’t like that assumption that it’s mum’s job to look after the baby.

Definitely patronising.

Buuuuut: bacon sandwiches.


Pretty happy with the state of affairs ngl


Humous toastie for breakfast and now we’re going to look at a flat in Penge and I think its pronounced Penj.


Just checked my change from last night and someone gave me a Chilean 100 Peso coin! Cool!


Mornin team,
I might go into town to take back a book and maybe buy myself some stuff. Cue me going into town immediately realising I can’t be fucked and going for a drink.


Penge is a GBOL


Yeah, I find this stuff massively irritating. I wanted to sign up for a French plait course a local shop was running because I’m rubbish at doing my daughter’s hair. I was told it was probably best to wait until there was a Dad’s only session - fuck off!


(srsly, I love Penge, great cafe, couple of okay pubs, Crystal Palace Park, the best cycling club in the entire city… What more do you need?)


ace, I love Midland and was keen to check this out anyway - big up!


hanging around with a good cat has perked me right up


Is it penj?




One bed tea down and about to go for another.

I was supposed to go on a date today but she just deleted the whole thread of our 3-4 week conversation for no obvious reason a couple of days ago. I guess I just bored her or something. But still, bit of a weird kick in the balls.
Fortunately I have some excellent friends so I’m meeting them for lunch and beers instead.
Also, this has reminded me that I need to

to the library. Cheers, Lopes!


If Charlie Goode plays for Scunthorpe, would be interested to know how he does.

Give my regards to the mother-town.


Always simultaneously really annoyed and really pleased when I get foreign coins in change, because I feel cheated out of money I can actually use, but I find it really interesting to see different coins. That one looks lovely, also makes you wonder how it ended up there!