You are me


Morning all,

Hope those on the meet had a lovely time last night…

Today, a chance for the Greens to write another chapter in the book. Away at Sutton United in the last 32 of the FA Trophy - we never get this far - always a good trip away and now they’re in the top echelons of Non League, almost a trip away to a League club. Commentating live and exclusively live.

After the game up to somewhere in the Euston area to meet ATD for a few drinks and a catch up.

Have a good one y’all.


I’m on the sea front by South Parade Pier. I’m waving at the sea for you.

Will let you know how he gets on

Also, if you’re ever back, you should pop into Southsea Beach Café


I feel the same! I’ve always loved getting foreign coins though, have even used an Icelandic 10 kronúr as a plectrum from time to time.

The best thing about Ireland being in the Euro is all the coins from different EU members! Check out this Latvian €1 coin I got!


My boyfriend got a new mattress and i don’t want to get out of bed because I’m too comfortable


Thats really shit sorry :frowning:

Maybe something bad happened at her end or she got overwhelmed by the whole online dating thing.

Hope you have a lovely day with nice people xx


Breakfast was Incredible


Not convinced by the meringue.


Funny guy


That is a handsome coin. I would totally be a proper coin collector if I had more money for it (as it is I have a good load of the £2 and 50p commemorative ones, some are pretty cool)

Pretty sure I kept a dime or something similar in my guitar case for use as a plectrum!


:beers: :soccer::beers::pizza:


Morning all…just up with tea and marmite on toast.

Kids got load if friends coming round later so enjoying the peace while we have it.

Quite fancy a bath, think it’s because my toes are so cold.


Was drinking from 1pm yesterday but somehow feel 100% ok today. :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


can someone tell me it’s ok to be poor? :frowning:


Been poor my whole life man, it’s totally fine.


At Debenhams canteen for a full English after spending 7 days in my room avoiding my housemate and only eating sandwiches, at least I’m losing weight


Morning DiS,

To the cinema for 4 films in a row later. Before that, probably just housework and maybe doing some learning about Docker (nerdy computer stuff).


Docker is very very awesome. Enjoy!


thanks man, I’m really worrying about it now I’m old


Waiting for the shopping to arrive then will take the dog to the bmx track for a mad run around, then :beers: