this has reminded me that my mum had a teapot full of foreign/obsolete coins that was really interesting to rummage through every so often. no idea if she still has it sadly.


I already am. Got it installed in an Ubuntu VM last night and ran a basic empty container. Just a pity that I’ll probably never be able to use it in my current job :frowning:


Man… How much longer have you got? Hope you get through it okay.


morning all

my plans for today after pretty much the same as the last day or two - spent 95% of it coughing my lungs up. at least today I don’t have to go to work, might get dressed at some point so there’s that to look forward to, feels like a lazing around watching netflix/playing games kind of day to me.


Three weeks


sucks air in between teeth

Good luck.


First things first…


That sounds great, my dad found a box filled with various coins in the loft ages ago which was really awesome, my favourite was a tiny Peruvian coin dated 1901.

Also, seeing your other post, gws b_t_e!


awwight DiS

made a moka pot coffee but i’ve fucked it up somehow. tastes watery.

gonna go for a run as soon as i cba then heading out for dinner tonight


Morning all. Off to work now until the early hours of Sunday. T-15 hours and counting to the weekend…


This London place is a shithole. Quite worried about my car now.


Thanks : )


Did you leave the glovebox open and empty? No valuables on display?

(I’m sure it’ll be fine)


No and yes, respectively, unless my Luxury™ ice scraper counts (£1.50 from Tezbots).


I told you not to take the Bentley.


Look pal, I don’t spend all my week slaving down the patents mines so I can take the fucking Leon to Hackney.


The World number 3 just walked in. He’s from Hungary.

Oh well.


Alright DiSers,

Made nice coffee, read a bit of my book (Closing Time by Joseph Heller, it’s really good).

There’s a vegan stall thing at a bar that I might go to but not sure as don’t really need that much food. Might just go and drink.

Going to see Star Wars, can’t wait to read the 1000+ post thread afterwards. :grimacing:

Thinking of taking my bike to be serviced so I can use it again.

This eve will probably just read more of my book.


I think there might be a cat in the garden.


You’re a world #1in our hearts