@ericV - was in the queue to buy you 10 tortillas from the Mestizo shop for your homemade burritos and then got told you weren’t coming :cry:


That sounds good. Interested in their ‘new’ gravy ad Ive seen. I’d quite like some popcorn chicken rn actually.


Taking 'Denza down Brick Lane for a bit of breakfast


They don’t do popcorn chicken here, absolute jip.

I feel a bit sick and slightly shameful now.


That’s how you know you’ve been to KFC


Had breakfast, off to see Three Billboards in a bit and some house party/gathering drinks down Lewisham way this evening.

Have a good Saturday everybody.


just got on a train and realised i’ve forgotten my earphones :frowning: #pray4jamos


last time I got a KFC they forgot my popcorn chicken, was devastated. whinged on twitter and KFC gave me a £5 voucher though, needless to say I had the last laugh




… go on?




omg, just wrote a massive response and then felt very embarrassed and deleted it because this is all over two dresses… there are better things to get annoyed about :smiley: Hahaha.


Stone-heng is how I’ve always pronounced it too.


:smiley: were they at least nice dresses? pictures?


Not a Hermes related issue, but I ordered a t-shirt before Xmas.

First effort didn’t arrive.
Second effort resulted in a coffee cup with a biscuit pocket on it.
Third effort resulted in a t-shirt that was totally the wrong size, shape and colour.

Je suis non impressé.


Was the biscuit pocket with biscuit?


I’m convinced delivery firms have some kind of esp to know the exact time when you can’t get to the door. 5 minutes after my housemate went out and while I was in the bathroom having a shit in this case. Fortunately they left the parcel next door. If I’d had to trek over the sorting office I’d have been tamping.


That’s a good book


I’m in the barbers while my boy gets a cut

Got loads of cleaning to do , boring