That is a lot of sitting still, have fun czuk :slight_smile:


Had drinks last night with a great bunch of people :slight_smile:

Suffering a little today, might go for a walk to clear my head a bit.


yeah super into both. second one is a doozy (not that hat though)


Yeah the hat is lame as.

SOOO, bets are on xylo. Myhermes are going to phone me about the address query they have (they can’t find my address because they are IDIOTS) I bet… I will never hear from myhermes and my parcel will be sent back and I will never get these dresses because they’re sold out of my sizes. SIGH


I’ll report back once we’re done.



let’s get you lawyered up and we’ll take these pricks down, k?


Haha, thanks xylo. You are a :star:


You have impeccable taste in dresses :heart_eyes:


Haha awww thanks!! :hugs:


Bought a lucky dip vinyl selection. Unwrapped it, it included: a Christopher Owens LP, a Bear in Heaven LP, a Paper Aeroplanes LP and… a 50 cent LP. Most definitely didn’t need to spend £20 on that. But I got Girl In The Band for 80p so…


also this.


Yes! That is very cute, Swwwwwing. Lots well comfy too :blush:


Alas not :persevere:


Which one?!

Love a bit of Fiddy!


Animal Ambition. Total pot luck.

I don’t


Xmas pressie from @colinzealuk

Loving it so far. Nice to read an autobiography that isn’t crammed full of its own tedious importance.


Sorry guys ;_;


50 Cent v Ja Rule is the greatest rap feud of all time.


Probably my favourite autobiography other than the Garry Nelson diaries.


New 5-a-side season starts today, MON PATHETIC BILBAO