Often happens to me if I’m interupted mid-poop.


Because they both can’t rap?


I would have posted you GIAB for nothing.


Big day today. We’ve rehearsed well, we’ve got a good draw, all that remains is to fuck it up/get screwed by the judges.


Oh, question for you…

What brewery produce all those n/a beers you were drinking


Good luck!

+1 boon for rhythmic chops.


Exactly! Like how some of the best games of football are between two shite teams.


The ones I had delivered? Big Drop.

The stout and lager are OK; the pale and spiced ales were really good.

Only drawback was that they cost similar money to a real beer (compared to Nanny State which is 1.30ish.)


Dog well and truly walked. Very tired now whilst daddy enjoys a pint.

Maybe another for @profk’s despair arsenal:

Fuckssake the upload didn’t work


stone honjay


GF is watching some documentary about South Korea and they’ve done a whole segment about Korean Fried Chicken and its done me.

Need some. And some Soju. Now.


Should probably sleep at some point :grimacing:


How long have you been up for champ?


Yodel once lost a double bed they were delivering to us. How do you lose a double bed!?


Steph hates Nanny state, so looking forward to getting her something a bit more beer wanker like


just had a stealth like successful shopping trip into town. Picked up a burgundy velvet jacket I really liked, nearly bought it before Christmas but decided against it last minute, was £200 cheaper today :grinning:
Picked up a couple of good shirts and a couple of books.
All in under an hour!
I’m now going to reward myself with a beer or two.


Eh 30 hours I guess?



Yasss!!! Velvet jacket!! Good work. You and @xylo must now join forces to drink fancy things and wear monocles… or whatever it is people do whilst wearing velvet jackets.


Fucking hell that is speedy work, Ive been up since 8 and just put my coat on to go out.


OR he and I must how fight so that there Can Only Be One like a suave highlander