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Should @cutthelights get off the bus?

  • Yes mate, get some sleep
  • #yolo

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YES! What will you fight with? Can I be BIG sean please.


it’s on bro :+1:


“they died how they would have wanted: drunk, in velvet”


haha proper burst out laughing there :joy:





How’s that book? E is an interesting guy.


I’ve broken two phone cables. I think I’ll need to buy a new phone but I’ve never done that before. buying a phone is just buying upfront what you’d spend over a few years anyway right thats how it is and it’s cheaper in the long run and I should go to argos now and do it?


Yes. If you have the cash then it works out much cheaper.


Picked up our pottery painting from last week post-kiln. Delighted with my efforts - easily the best thing I’ve done with paint in my life.


I’ve got to be honest - if she doesn’t like Nanny State she might not enjoy the two ales (although Spiced is cracking.) Could she have just gone off beer?

I can recommend the Seedlip gin too as a NA alternative. It’s not the giniest thing ever but it’s nice.



had a nice chilled time with m’boy @Ruffers in Shoreditch, now I’m on my way back home. feeling considerably better within myself than I was yesterday.

gonna try and do some science revision on the coach back, I suppose? hmm. probs listen through the RA best tunes of the year on the coach, too.




carrots are good, would recommend to anyone!




Nah, she’s a massive fan of every other Na she’s had, just not nanny state. She loves the German stuff


Been listening to the RA best tracks this morning.

I know it’s everyone’s favourite song of the year but Theme From Q is like, absolutely brilliant.


Just paid £6 for a tiny fish finger bap. Yep, I’m in London.


getting some sushi.

went in and was looking about for a menu… the chef goes “looking for a menu pal? it’s all online… just go to
“ok, but i was going to order some stuff just now”
“okay, then. thanks.”


I want free bacon sandwiches! I don’t get anything like that at groups I go to. Pft