I accidentally got up too early for my haircut, so have a Saturday thread.

What’s up?

I’m going to get a haircut, probably have pancakes when I get back, then continue to explore the oeuvre of 8 bit Metallica basslines with my new pedal ( Napping probability today is looking VERY high.


Ugh the one morning I can actually sleep in I wake up early. Also one of my favourite ever kpop groups are performing at Wembley Arena which is literally 20 minutes away and I can’t go :sob: seeing the airport photos of them outside m&s was depressing. Kpop acts rarely ever come to London and this event is nearly 200 for just a half hour slot of the band I want to see which is not worth it :weary:


Mornin Ep
Mornin DiS

Woke up with a red-wine headache in a big hotel in Leeds. Going out for fresh air and tablets.


Your barber’s isn’t open yet?


#needlessly defensive time: I go to the hairdresser across the road, so have an appointment. It’s much better than the barber and costs £2 more. Also it’s literally across the road.


:coffee: :bike: :bullettrain_front: :arrow_up::bread: :soccer: :beers: :hamburger: :sleeping:


I appreciate your reasoning. I’m no fan of getting a haircut, so anything I can to do make the experience more straightforward is a bonus.


I currently have my baby laying on my tummy. Heading to the gym this morning. Then a little light housework before me and the family go for a walk around a park and a late lunch early dinner at a pub. Finally home to watch the football and bed. Glad I have this Saturday to enjoy



I’m up early to go for a run. Going to pick up my new amp later. Probably spend the rest of the day noodling on it and trying to fix my pc.

Watching 3rd rock from the sun.


GF’s poorly so trying to look after her whilst also keeping my distance. Daughter’s swimming lesson in a bit then no plans for the rest of the day.


Used to love this when I was a kid. How’s it holding up?




Feeling kinda ok today. Woohoo


Last full day in that Finland. Pretty knackered from the sledding so prolly just gonna read my book, listen to music and stare at the snow through the window.


ngl i’m jelly af, looks amazing


The old doggo who wasn’t pulling her weight on my sled is going to be retired from the 5 day treks. She was too tired to eat unless i fed her by hand after day 4 :slightly_frowning_face: Farewell Macarena.


Stayed up too late for no real reason then woke up far too early. Not much to do until work at 5 so will probably just read, watch the football scores and make something burgery for lunch. Pretty textbook Saturday.


It really is incredible. Sun came out yday and the light was beautiful.




Heartbreaking, can you take her home?