You know the drill.

:coffee: :croissant: :bullettrain_side: :beers: :flight_departure: :es: :sunny: :beers: :beers: :sleeping:

Bet I slip over on the way to the airport.


Morning. Having :coffee: :banana: and gonna brave the :snowflake: and go for a :running_man: in a bit :grimacing:


:coffee: :coffee: :bread: :swimming_man: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :bed:

Heating’s still not working so need to find something to do that’s warmer than being in the house.

Have you checked/defrosted your condensate pipe? Or do you know what the problem is?

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Went on a hastily planned date last night, went on for four hours and five cocktails. Don’t know if it’ll lead anywhere but a really nice evening and I needed a pick me up.

Beard trim, gym and drinks today


Plans were cancelled by snow.

There’s some kind of new food festival in the Centre so may check it out.

May just lie in bed.

Probably do a bit of work.

Yeah, pretty sure that’s the problem. The boiler’s upstairs so the pipe’s really hard to get to. Managed to balance a hot water bottle on it last night but it didn’t work. Gonna give it another go this morning, but reckon we’re going to have to wait it out :grimacing:

Ah ok. Can you easily get to the white pipe outside? If you can pour some warm not hot water over it.


After a whole week of WFH I’m going a bit stir crazy. Tickets booked to take little people to the cinema this morning. Hopefully we can get there - although even if we do it might just be an opportunity for me to eat a bucket of popcorn and have a snooze.

Made it to work and back twice over last 2 days (hour each way walking) with no falls UNTIL this morning when I was 5 mins from home! Ycmiu! I said to my wife she was partly to blame because she sent me to the shop on the way home and that meant I took a different route home.

  • Wife partly to blame
  • Not at blame at all! They’re your legs!

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Need a ladder to get to it and it felt a bit ropey in the wind yesterday. Looks to have settled down a bit now so I’ll try that this morning.

Good point, be careful.

Losing my voice but got a tour for 40 people tomorrow. I read coughing or throat clearing is bad.

Ever tried not clearing your throat when you really need to?

As for today: :coffee::books: :memo: :coffee::baby: :burrito: :art::woman_technologist:t2::bathtub: :takeout_box:

How do you cook a baby burrito?


:bowl_with_spoon::walking_woman::avocado: :bread: :coffee: :sleeping: :woman_shrugging: :books: :sleeping:

Tomorrow :cinema::pig::small_airplane:, which I am quite excited about.


Pigs might fly?

I love Porco Rosso!


Morning all!

Football first, then I need to get a new battery for my watch in town. The majority of the day will be spent putting my belongings into boxes as early stage preparation for moving house.