I’ve been up since 6:30 to take bf to golf. Going gym in a min.

Finished The Sinner last night and it’s given me sketchy dreams all week but last night I karate chopped my bfs head in my sleep. I woke up when he shouted “you hit me!”

What are you up to today?

Is it sunny?


Back home for the weekend. Drove from London to Worcestershire in a borrowed convertible yesterday after work - was :metal:


Going to Margate for the weekend!

My TV is in London for a week and we booked this just as a random cheapo trip away ages ago. Never expected we’d get a lovely weekend so I’m actually excited now :smiley:


It’s early. Sun’s already out. Spent the afternoon boozing and gardening so I’m a little…dehydrated. Gonna go try out settees this morning then meeting a new baby for a pint at lunch. After that? Probably just sort stuff ahead of moving house in…shit…two weeks

I’m staying a caravan with baby and wife in North Devon. The weather is glorious. Going for a walk along the coast soon . Hopefully find a way to be in the pub for the almost meaningless Liverpool game around lunch time

Very lucky!

Staying at the libertines hotel?

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My tiny human alarm clock woke me up an hour early. Might go to the library for the fourth time this week as that feels like the most manageable activity. My brain is misfiring a lot, stuttering half the time I try to speak and I keep getting stuck repeating things in loops.

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I get that sometimes.

Also up early but only half an hour earlier, the wee man was obviously buzzing for the weekend. Watched a film already and now he’s napping.

Was gonna go in the office for 8 but still in bed. Gonna get up in a sec though.

Going for a curry later. Might walk for a bit at lunch.

Working until 8. Bleak times

Why was I wide awake at 630??

Working on some music then gonna go climbing outside somewhere as the skies are blue.

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I miss morning naps, it won’t be until after lunch when we get to sleep :frowning:

There was some really annoying birdsong this morning. Like one bird was just ruining it for everyone.

Morning all!

The Child is growing teeth and refuses to sleep in a cot or eat. Wor Lass is not happy. GoJetters are keeping her (child not Lass) occupied with a story about The Panama Canal.

Football later, and the weather looks lovely. I’ll hopefully get to drink beers and watch an ugly draw between Manchester and North London soccer teams later.

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Album after the acclaimed debut and he’s put the advance up his nose?*

*into those holes in his beak?

Went out and we bought shit:

Currently rocking the lounge suit and I look like I’m in training for a track team. Definitely wasn’t going to buy Xanthar’s but you know how it is.

Also bought

Coveted this as a kid but never played it. The girl has declared it too hard huffily and she might be right! :astonished:

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We’re all old now we wake up early!


Awake at 7am and too hot and bright to get back to sleep so just been worrying about everything and anything as usual. Nothing to do today except go to Home Park for the Argyle game on TV and pick up some kind of takeaway on the way back.

irked at the sun for ruining my hummingbird bakery hot chocolate and cake routine. also seem to have severe hay fever, only get it some years but this is bad, may not be able to stray far from my hepa filter