Slightly hungover after a night of Sun, Beer, Crisps, Beer, Falafel, Beer, Macarons, Jazz, Beer. It had everything.

Today I will be packing the last of the flat, watching some football, the. Going to southside wrestling Menace II society 8


Feeling dozey but didn’t actually drink much last night (small can and 2x pints)

Kind of waiting around to see if my son wants to ditch his mates and go on a bike ride, otherwise it will be just me. No plans after that

Missed the bus so i had to get a much more expensive bus. Think I’ll get some breakfast food to cheer Myself up.

Also have to quit my job today, so that’ll be great

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morning aggs, grievs, xyls, pinks :wave:

i’ve been told i’m playing :golf: in an hour, a luxury i cannot afford :moneybag: :no_entry_sign:

Whaddup dis?
Going for a climb, then we’re heading to manchester this evening for a belated birthday meal at michael o’hare’s new restaurant.

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Is he the one with the daft mullet? Thinking of going to his Leeds one. Enjoy

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Oh man. I would like to eat his food.

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Morning all!

Awake at 4.00 and 8.00 to comfort The Child. I’m playing football this morning before Wor Lass goes out to a music festival. I’m planning to eat a Fray Bentos pie and watch Personal Shopper like a true stereotype dad. Will probably wear slippers to complete the ensemble.

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Good morning to all esteemed Drowned in Sound forum denizens.

Today I will be working on the giant spreadsheet that has consumed my working life for the past few weeks. Pretty tired of 6 and 7 day weeks tbh but got to get a bunch of stuff finished before our yearly planning meeting.

Might have a beer whilst I’m doing it as a concession to “the weekend”.

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Happy Saturday one and all. It Bill Withers out there today. Nothing too much planned today. May pop to Southampton for a mooch and beerz and watch the #worldcup.

world cup’s in russia m5!

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Some people in Barnsley have made a real life Truckasaurus but instead of a dinosaur it’s a miner.


MBV tonight!

Gonna meet with some mates I’m going with beforehand for some drinks in the sun, ahhh

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I’d probably agree with you even though I know nothing about skiing

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Just woke up! I’m sleeping like a champ sometimes.

Off to the gym :muscle:t2:

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morning everybody!


If I go to Specsavers and say “hello I would like some prescription sunglasses but I’ve lost my prescription from Boots and also I would need them by Friday at the latest” they’re going to tell me to fuck off, aren’t they?

I mean, I would. So, yeah, they probably will


It’s this level of customer service that Waitrose have built their reputation on, isn’t it.

Do you know roughly what your prescription is? Or just go to a boots and try on a few of the off the rack ones til you find one roughly right?