Woken up with toothache. It’s ok though. My annual reminder to go to the dentist. Terrified.

Today I’m gonna be on painkillers and trying to tidy up things in my flat/life.

So jealous of people who have healthy teeth.

Hope everyone is alright.


Good morning DB,

Hope pain isn’t too bad and pain killers do the trick.

I woke up due to needing the toilet. Going to try go back to sleep in a second.

Another morning of being annoyed at myself for not calling out people’s bullshit.


Morning Deebs, urgh toothache is the worst, sorry to hear that, get some painkillers and whiskey in you, that’ll sort it out.
Today is my Tuesday so will be mostly spent sweating away selling stuff to Tory holidaymakers. Been driving this week for the first time in over 10 years so might go somewhere with Mrs F tonight.


TV is catching a train at 8 so I’m awake to drive her to the station shortly. Then will head out to climb before it gets too hot before crashing with video games.


Working the late today. Got a decent 7hrs kip and the baby slept right through the night for the first time :pray:


I have woken up with tonsillitis and barely able to swallow. I feel so dreadful! And pissed off this is happening on the weekend!!
Luckily I’ve found some hoarded penicillin to see me through til Monday


GWS Meow! Hope this helps


Go to the dentist!

I was woken up early by my mouth aching where I had the teeth out on Thursday. Just had a look in the mirror and my gerbil cheeks are coming along nicely.

Today will be spent lazing around the house while the rest of the family meet up for dim sum.


Giggy! :heart_eyes:


Morning everyone and get well soon @DarwinBabe and @meowington! I’ve got some errands and stuff to do outside and either need to drag myself out of bed and get them out of the way while it’s cool or be lazy and go later and suffer in the heat :sweat_smile:


Due to a scheduling error on my part, both my mum and my dad will be here today. So my day is obviously going to jam-packed with fun.

Managed to miss my alarm, so running very late. Still having breakfast at 8:03 :grimacing:


Morning all!

Handed my notice in to work yesterday after a couple of really painful months. Haven’t got anything to go to, no idea if I’ll need to work my whole notice period or not, and still got to work over the weekend to finish some stuff, but it’s a relief to have made a decision and done it.

Get well soon DB and Meo!


Tried to make a coffee but the shitheap grinder’s broken then the Aeropress didn’t go all the way down so there are now coffee grounds everywhere and I’ve got a piss-weak cup of brown coffee-flavoured water and fuck off everything.

No, YOU’RE stressed about travelling.


Eating biscuits for breakfast because it’s my life and I’ll do what I want.


Morning all. Get well soon poorly people.

I’ve got a 10 year old’s birthday disco to supervise tonight, followed by a barbecue and mass sleepover at my place. It’s going to be carnage. I’m genuinely scared.


Morning! Been for a run up a big hill :running_man: :mountain: :sunny: Going to take my daughter to her swimming lesson in a bit then there’s some sort of festival in the local park. Then hopefully spend the rest of the day playing Zelda.


Only have enough cornflakes left for half a bowl, great excuse for a 2nd breakfast I think.


That sounds terrifying :grimacing:


It really is :cold_sweat:


Hi everyone, gws @DarwinBabe and @meowington

Went to bed early last night so am up relatively early today, ready to make the most of it. Will go for another long walk I think and enjoy the sunshine. Nothing else planned apart from eating salad.