Evening, Theo.

I have managed to sleep through until five instead of four today, so that’s… good?

I need to go to the estate agent and then the bank at 9, because my gf’s parents are visiting this afternoon. So that’s… good.

Please tell me your day is more interesting than that.


Hello. In a car driving to Chalfont St. Peter. I’m not driving obv. 300km bike ride begins at 6am. Should be done by midnight I think.


Fairly certain that’s not a place. I’d check with your driver.

FUCKing hell, you’re a machine!


What are you lot doing up so early?




Got a serious case of the CBAs tho


Ah you’ll be fine when you get going.

Bikes! Bikes! Bikes! Bikes!


I got my first ever Uber tonight. Was a bit weird.


The small talk or the car?


Just getting in a random’s car, and there being two others already in there and no one spoke to each other and then I got dropped off a block from where I wanted to be but it all cost only $4.


Oh, I’ve never done the Uber pool thing. That does sound very weird.

Or a bit like a bus.


Up at 5 as baby is being a bit of an angry dick. went to bed after 1…so not feeling this


I love chatting to uber drivers


Dunno why I’m awake

Had a dream I was at a wedding with a ceilidh @sheeldz A nice dream for once!

Hamsterjam meat today yay! Looking forward to some vegan junk food.

Dunno what I’m doing until then though. Maybe trying to get back to sleep.




Might just get out of bed and have seven coffees.


Alrighty friends




Tea pls



Bike racing at the Brighton Big Dog today, then partying at the after party afterwards. Big day ahead. Eating porridge and drinking coffee right now
This old rascal shat on the sofa last night, so that was fun to wake up to