Morning all. 5.30 wake up from the boy today (after 6am yesterday). Not impressed.

Is it against the law to pull the head off a cockerel that without fail starts shouting at about 4am every day? Asking for a friend.

Future in-laws are here. They’ve got big ideas about where we should have our wedding. Fo,m; it’ll be in Vegas just to spite them at this rate.

Could go a Bloody Mary right now tbh.

I’ve been awake on and of since around four. I’ve found since I started cutting out alcohol I only sleep for around five hours these days. I used to only sleep for that long when I was a teenager.

Planning on doing nothing for the morning. Will finish moving my records this afternoon. Itching to go to a gig, any gig, tonight.

Morning folks

Initial tiny human alarm clock wake up was 4am today, I think he got back to sleep just before 5am, then woke me up again at 6am. Made a big batch of cold brew last night and I have drunk a silly amount already. Can’t convince the tiny one to go upstairs for a bath and I cba so we are having some pyjama time on the couch.

Wouldn’t mind going out somewhere today but can’t really think where to go.

Got up at 4am to drive down to Cornwall. Just been to the shittest services ever (Bridgewater).

Jesus that’s awful that you’re having to endure Bridgwater. Does it still have that mini multi-storey car park?

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It’s no Sandbach or Knutsford

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Just seen @anon67149139 out on his bike whilst I was out running errands. Shouted at him to get off the road before trying to run him down.


Yes. Poor bladder control on B’s part meant we had to stop there. Awful place. Won’t be making that mistake again.

And then to end up in Cornwall! There’s no end to your misery #devon4lyf :wink:

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Wee man has recently learned to clap his hands and he also jiggles about a bit when music is on. Currently sticking on YouTube to give him the start of his musical education. What essential cuts does he need to hear?

Why, you got a spare stone cottage on the go?

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He’s already had this random assortment:


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I’m awake but I’m going to try to stay in bed till after 10, cause I’ve been getting up early every day for weeeeeeks

I have not heard this yet but he is fascinated by hey duggee… plus I find it very entertaining.

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Oh god this is going to be in my head for the next 5 years.


Morning epimer and etc.

I’m on day six at work, should have done close to 60 hours this week by the time I’m finished #pray4tilly gonna drink SO many pints later and hopefully fall asleep at 10pm


Woke up at 7 as always so I’m working on some music while the TV has a lie-in. Staying in a little wooden cottage for our anniversary and it was bloody freezing this morning so I laid a fire and now it’s toasty.


10°c out there at 7am this morning. Would hate to be those under prepared Boomtown festival goers in their little pop up tents and thin sleeping bags

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