What’s up?

I’m off to play 14 straight games of Netrunner in the national championships. Got my lucky socks on:

Clear eyes, seagull socks, can’t lose


did that seagull get shot?


Hungover as fuck, go away






gonna play me some Final Fantasy!



Good luck Eps. Remember, you come back here as King of the Dweebs or you don’t come back at all.
I’m working today, bit at our other store which open half an hour later than my usual one. Used my extra time to get some spicy pork in the slow cooker ready for this evening and have a little dance around to 6 music while getting ready. Cba with work, might just turn my phone off and stay here, I can get paid the same for that by someone, right?


GL Epimer!

I went to bed after midnight, woke up at 3:30am and fell back to sleep after 6am, until 8:30. Feel pretty terrible. Watching Disenchantment at the moment, can’t really get into it though, but gotta do something until the tv wakes up. Gonna weigh myself and have some breakfast soon, might also make vegan brownies today if I can find the ingredients in the store. Also, napping.


PJ Harvey didn’t quite capture the sexual tension she wanted in original lyrics for Mansize.


My WiFi isn’t working. Been on the phone to BT for half an hour.


Turn it off and on again


Morning, about to head off for parkrun. Let’s see what happens.

Was surprised to see my housemate this morning as he left for Cornwall last night. Turns out he got his dates wrong and was supposed to travel to France today, so spent all last night travelling from Truro back to London. Oof/Could be worse I guess.



Another 24 hr wait for activation.

I’m playing football this morning and then schlepping across to the place where all the Englishers live in Scotland for drinks and shenanigans (not @japes though.)


Go get em tiger


Just up and wi a fuzzy head.
Train to Verona in a couple of hours. Gonna get some coffee now


Nice lie in. Shame I’m working the late tonight


Hope he wins a round or two of Netrunner today too.


Pretty cool this morning - first time since April I’ve woken up early and decided hiding under the duvet was preferable to getting out of bed. Result: 3 hour lie in and enough sleep to feel almost human. Time for tea!


Morning morning morning

Did any of the Glasgow lot audition to be in world war z? There’s an advert for it at the mo. It’s weird seeing George square with a brad pitt in it.

Think I’m going to go to a flea market today! Gonna get me lots of fleas.