(joke about people from DiS)

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Haha! Ah no, they’re showing it on tv so it’s an advert for that! That’s cool that you auditioned! A bunch of my friends did too.

My sister and her bf are staying this weekend. We stayed up until 3am catching up and drinking boxed wine. All good fun, but paying for it now…

Got a 3hr bike tour of Glasgow booked today, picked such a good day for it weather-wise! :sun_with_face:


Yeah my friends went through from Edinburgh too. they had to dress like office workers! Only one of them of four got to be in it in the end. Pretty cool tho!

Just bombed though whacking a load of selfie posts up to the magic nice post.

Nothing planned today, probably do some baking, might go for a bike ride…


Morning all.

Bit tired this morning - I dozed off on the sofa last night, and woke up at 2am. Up at 6:30am to walk the dogs.

We’ve got a free music festival in the main park in town this afternoon. It’s normally good. Hopefully the weather holds.

Slicks what on earth are you on about?


I might do this too!

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Was really knackered last night so went to bed at 10. Woke up this morning feeling :fire:

Got the paper, some nice bread from the bakery and went to the bookies. Just cooked and eaten a massive fry up. Now reading the paper with a cuppa. Saturday is good so far.

Good luck in you national level penoiding @Epimer.

Feeling autumnal here, wearing a (light) jumper. Would very much like to spend the whole day in bed, why is this not acceptable?

Aside from that, usual glum/cba

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So if you give a post it’s tenth like / heart then it gets a Nice Reply!

I enjoy being the first and tenth liker!


Oh i see! I read it a few times and couldn’t make any sense of it :grinning:

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Mrs Z made me breakfast


I’m at work watching Better Call Saul. My work is great.

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Oh hi! Got woken up early by the baby, think she has a cold so I just had the pleasure of sucking snot out of her nose with a tube. So many magical moments.

Going to head out to the Southampton Pride parade later. Should really get ready but pretty settled on the sofa listening to Idlewild.


Good morning all!

Going round a couple of pals for lunch today. They’ve just had a baby so I spent this morning cooking a bunch of stuff to take over. Looking forward to meeting the little chap.


Just sat in bed drinking an Earl Grey. Gonna pack a bag for trip back to Yorkshire tomorrow so I don’t have to do it in the morning.

Through to Edinburgh at some point. But no plans beyond that.

It’s my son’s 18th birthday today! What?! I’m only 36, far too young to have an adult child! :laughing: I need to add the finishing touches to his cake and then clean my house as we have loads of family coming round later, before we all go out for a meal. Should be a good day.


HB s_s_h’s son


Proofreading in bed with a cup of sweet chili tea :tea: (Apparently that’s the tea emoji even though it looks like soup)

Just got a message from the queer film festival in town, asking me if I wanted to do some work for them in the running up to the festival. Sounds great, but they can only pay like £500. Cool jobs with little pay are always plenty, aren’t they.