What are you up to today?

The noisy cunts next door woke me up at 6ish. I need more sleep. Or to burn their house down, one of the two.

Getting a haircut later and that’s my only plans.

Hello. I’m going to London to see bands and pals. Feeling weirdly anxious cos I haven’t been to London in over a year and I kind of hate it.

No proper weekend plans. Haven’t had this for months. BLISS.

Please can someone get me a coffee

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One neighbour is currently singing Jingle Bells to their child.

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There’s a very nice and very expensive (£4K) new synth out called the Waldorf Quantum Overview and my favourite synth place has one in. I can’t possibly afford one of course but the guy who runs the synth store suggested I come down today with my laptop and plug in and record for a couple of hours - which was very nice of him - so I’m gonna do that.

Might make it a regular thing, they have so many goodies there


Entering week 2 of no exercise due to ill health :neutral_face:

Today I’m probably just gonna have a tidy up and get some food in :confused:

Morning all.

Decided to have a wander down to a one day warehouse vinyl sale on down the road from my house. Word must have gotten out about it because they’re queuing round the block. I’m too hungover to handle this many people but I’m still in the queue because I can’t be arsed to walk up the hill to get home.

Sadly I’m pretty sure this is me living my best life.

Hope you’re all well.


As in records or kitchen floor?

Morning all! At the gym, having a rest between sets, today is a great day to do some squats friends!

Records. I hope. If I get to the front of this queue and it’s all kitchens I’m gonna be pretty miffed.


:smiley: hope you get some decent stuff :+1:

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Morning all!

I’m home alone this weekend :scream:

Will mainly be mastering the Disintegration State Cassette Store Day release ready for production. :sunglasses:

Got to finish a job application by Monday. :grimacing:

Also gonna do some exercise, get in some wanker beers and probably eat pizza. :pizza:


Yes! Just finished a night shift and delighted to discover that I changed my bedsheets last night. Love it when that happens. Past-me is a fucking hero sometimes.

Morning? Night night? I dunno. Hope everyone is cool


Oh christ why was I wide awake at 6:50 ffs?


Morning all!

Fairly standard Saturday breakfast of Nutella on toast with coffee. Perfect preparation for football later this morning.

We’re packing all of the portable property in the kitchen into boxes today so we can have a new kitchen fitted next week. It probably won’t be fun. I’ll be grocery shopping and hopefully nipping into town too.

@Epimer’s neighbours were shouting at you too?

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The sound carried. They’re that loud.


Someone who’s put “Esq.” at the end of their name wants to connect with me on LinkedIn.

How very DARE they.


Bill s. Preston?


Morning!! Watched half of the pelican brief last night before passing out. Woke up at 2 and got paranoid that someone might try and break in… fell back to sleep with the light on. wasn’t even a horror film ffs :woman_shrugging:

Going to make some coffee and listen to my favourite murder in bed for a bit :blush: