Morning! My neighbours are up and making a racket, so I’m up too! Which is fine!! I don’t need sleep anyway!!!

What are your plans for today?

Morning/evening. I’m about to go to bed. I’m in a top bunk which will be interesting for my sleepwalking/ bladder. I keep ending up in dorm rooms with people who go to bed at 8pm so I’m probably going to wake everyone up.

Tell me you’ve done a thorough survey of your new neighbour’s noise levels?

There’s a group of young adults all wearing matching hoodies sitting in the hostel courtyard. One of them just said loudly ‘we’re ALL children of Jesus, Cory’.


A sleepwalking bladder sounds uncomfortable.

I have not been spying on my new neighbour yet, but I have been going to the house at different times of the day to see what the outside noise levels are like. It’s been dead quiet every time.

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Then I look forward to you inevitably discovering their annoying habits and sharing with us :wink:


My partner’s down in London this weekend for a family thing (which means no travelling for me :+1::raised_hands::partying_face:).

Meeting her in Stanmore just after 9 so we can get a McDonald’s breakfast and then go on a “Modernism in Metroland” walking tour running as part of Open House

Then off to Brighton to see a friend for his birthday

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Morning all!

Need to write yet another job application this weekend. And I think I might be coming down with a cold…

Might try to watch that Hans Olo film.

Lovely image of all the neighbours shushing each other as you drive past and then going back to whispering at each other from across the road using Tannoy systems.


I was going to wait until the DVD/Blu-ray came out, which turns out is on Monday! So that’s good.

The Child was shouting for breakfast at 7.00, so I’ve been up since then.

Football first, then we’re going for a visit to the Sikh temple (Wor Lass’s colleague invited us but I’m not sure why.)

Need a wee.

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I may or may not have a copy of the blu-ray.


Going to the Midlands today. I hate the Midlands but I need to see my sick Grandad. :frowning:


Going to take the baby to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Portsmouth later then go to Pie And Vinyl to eat a pie and buy records.

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I was disappointed when I found out that the pie in Pie and Vinyl was savoury. Hope it is good pie though :slight_smile:

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Got some general pottering about and tidying to do then taking my friend out for afternoon tea for her birthday.

Should probably try and pitch some work today too but I’ve got no ideas.

Can I just stay under the duvet all day today? No? Ok.

Might go to the posh butcher in town and get a scotch egg the size of my head. I’ve got a big head.


Bit bored woth this weekend already. I want it to be next weekend, that’s where all the action is.

What’s happening next weekend?