How are you?

I’m on a bus to Stansted airport. It is too early but it SHALL be worth it.



Where are you off to? Somewhere exciting?

I’m in Yosemite today - it looked like this:

I’m staying in a weird rustic hostel village with a great restaurant and spa and they put on a blues/folk/bluegrass concert tonight which was nice.

I’m in a 12-bed dorm and there is an icy air conditioner on at one end and a furnace like heater on at the other :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


Yosemite looks wonderful. How long are you there for?

I’m off to Berlin. Ostensibly for a conference Monday and Tuesday, but figured might as well go early sat to visit. Never been before, looking forward to it.


Just tomorrow and Sunday morning. Not enough time really. Enjoy Berlin - it’s always good to tack on some holiday time to a work trip.


I’m at Gatwick. Had a spanner confiscated at security lol :joy:

Stomach is in knots. Will be v happy when we’ve arrived.




Meeting me mam for a spoons brekkie in Mansfield. Need to sort last bits of post mugging stuff out but been offered a ticket to the Utd game so might go there instead


Thanks. enjoy the rest of your travels!


Hope you have fun! Hope the trip isn’t too stressful for you.


Helmets on or off? (sorry)



Yesss. So jealous.

The hostel Yosemite Bug?


Is it the Bug hostel that you’re at? We stayed in their tent cabin things and it was absolutely freezing.


Coming to London to gaze at Frida Kahlo’s dresses etc.

Bit of a shock being up and at them at this time on a Saturday tbh. Rainy too.


Also am playing my friend at Scrabble online and it’s really annoying me that I keep losing. Is it cheating to ask for some DiS help?


Yep, you’ve been? It’s seems to be infamous, everyone I’ve met in my trip seems to have stayed here.


Today I need to pick flooring and an armchair.


Flight is delayed due to FOG so we’re doing the crossword in i


It’s because it’s one of the very few places to stay in the National Park - if you want to stay over in Yosemite, there’s not really anywhere else.


up far, far too early for a saturday because we’re going to reading to see my brother. it’s his birthday today. got the dog in the back of the car and she’s quite stinky.