So shit at crosswords


Yeah. Had a breakfast burrito that was massive and I couldn’t finish it.

Need to go back as I was gonna get to the top of El Capitan but the 30 degree heat did me in part way.


7A nomenclature


i’d kill someone for a breakfast burrito rn


4D is Doric


19 across is call of nature.

Exceptionally on brand posting.


I’m sick and woke up early. I was meant to be going cinema with my friend today but she’s also not well so looks like I’m just laying about indoors all day today which is a bit boring :cry:

NowTv is being a dick and has removed a load of random episodes of stuff so I can’t even really watch anything yet


14 down - astound?


hungover. getting son ready to take him to football, then more diy this afternoon


14D astound


12A Ritual


1D bombast?


6D Unit Trust


Thought you were throwing shade at Mr Meo here…


18D info ?


Which makes 15A ‘set’


16D trace


Morning @mildmanneredjanitor and etc.

Feel absolutely rotten this morning. Got about three and a half hours sleep and feel like I’ve picked up a cold, but got a backstage tour at the National Theatre to go on, so dragged myself out.



You sunk my battleship!