good morning, fine people of dis

have barely slept the last three nights, and am still mega jittery and angsty BUT we (parents and i) are off to glorious manchester today to meet up with my siblings and go and see jon ronson talk about psychopaths, then have a curry i think.

wbu huns? use this thread to describe your saturdays in FORENSIC DETAIL.

happy days!


Why am I awake?


Slept like a baby log :slight_smile: :desert_island::evergreen_tree::cat2:


well jel, m7

Might go make breakfast and eat it in bed and read while I wait for the others to wake up

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Im working the late shift today. Rubbish

In early for 2 hours. Why???

On the plus side I’ve got some paid acting work coming up*

  • in a club, for a Halloween event

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what you having for breakfast, db? :slight_smile:

Morning all. I’m enjoying a rare Saturday off work - no 3am finish for me today and this accidental week off means I get to see Mew tonight. Just need to find a pub near the Barbican showing the football before the gig and all will be well.

A twig?


BEL.JUM.WIV.BAE :belgium: :couple_with_heart_man_man: :biking_man:

Why did I wake at 6 ffs? Was in bed at midnight after a day of wedding drinking. Bloody brain…

Went for dinner and drinks last night but had to get up at six to make coffee for my GF.

Will probably tidy the house, watch the match and then learn songs with my best friend today.


Not sure what I am doing for most of the day tbh, but tonight going to see Mew play Frengers tonight and seeing a friend before who is going to the afternoon gig.

Might get a short bike ride in if I am lucky.


Oh my god that’s today!!! Is it too late to get a ticket :sob:

No! Join the frengers group on Facebook, there are loads going (or I can try and source one for you)

Thanks!! I can only get face value tho, hopefully they’ll have something,gonna check now!

There are two performances for the same date???

You know Tescos are starting to not put best before dates on things so you can decide when best to chuck them? What happens when the product gets to the time of being reduced to a ridiculous price and Tescos can’t do it anymore because they seem to be good enough to purchase full price?

What about my reduced items? What about my cheap goodies?


I need to get up. We’re off to Thame to see some friends. Really cba though.

Before that I need to ride my bicycle around the block.