What’s yr plans?

I’m gonna get some coffee and breakfast then I need to wait in for a delivery. Bit of cleaning and tidying, :rugby_football:, then I’m cooking for Mike’s bro and partner who are staying tonight. Need to get some nice bread from somewhere.

Bed’s too warm though :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Getting a hair cut. Might get a Britney


First day back after 5 off. Fuck off, Saturday.

Morning. I’m on a ten hour horror bus journey through some mountains where we have to stop every now and then because landslides are blocking the road. We’re also having to dodge chickens and pigs and in some places the road has simply collapsed down the mountainside. :grimacing: Staying tonight in a Laos families house which could be interesting.

I had a lovely* sleep last night where The Child refused to go back to bed after waking up so I slept on the nursery floor with her for about 45 minutes and then couldn’t get back to sleep.

No football today so I’m looking to get some quiet time for as long as possible.

*it wasn’t especially good before the intermission but was worse afterwards.

I bet you’ll be having sticky rice! Did you know the Lao people eat more sticky rice than anyone in the world?


Oh my parcel arrived so I don’t need to wait for that!!!

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First day of a week off from BBC. Gonna get some coffee and finish some half written pieces in a bit.

Absolutely no idea what to do with myself this week. Was planning to go away somewhere in 2 weeks but my boss is leaving so was asked to take my week off early. What do people even do with time off?! I’ve spent most of my adult life working so many different jobs that I’ve never really taken a break - even most of my holidays have kinda been work trips or tour managing or going to festivals.

Probably put together some bits for DiS’ best of the year and look at how to keep the site going next year.


Got a couple of our pals staying. Gonna hit up the yorkshire sculpture park.


Didn’t sleep last night because film fest. Can’t sleep, drank too much coffee and it would put my whole sleep schedule out of wack.

If your week off is anything like mine Sean you’ll spend two days decorating, one day unable to really nice with back pain, one nice day of relaxing, and then get a flat tire on a half flooded country road in the arse end of nowhere. Have fun!

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I have had much sticky rice so far.

Did you know that Laos is also the most bombed country in the world? The US dropped a tonne of bomb per person over a ten year period during the Vietnam war. Those bombs are still killing 50 Lao a year. Fuckers!

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Post on DiS mostly


Up early to take bf to golf
Then coming back for brek and try to get spice girls tickets (what are my chances???)
Then down gym to plan class and do chest stuff
Then pick up keys for spin tomorrow
Then home to chill the fuck out and defo get a take away

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I feel like I’m coming down with something - but I have a birthday party for a bunch of seven year olds to coordinate :grimacing:

I didn’t know that :frowning:

I can fully identify with this - I still don’t really know how to turn Work Mode off after years of temp contracts and working multiple jobs.

Don’t think of it like a week off; imagine it’s just a series of Saturdays and do weekend stuff you enjoy.

Morning all!

I’m thoroughly looking forward to this weekend after an absolutely insane week involving multiple job interviews and residential meetings with current work.

Going to start properly working out what the hell I’m going to do for my live set for the Dis State live night…


Yeah but most of us spend all day at work here too.