Wooo! What’s the occasion? Just friendly fun pub times?


I think I mean Mother with Two Children? not sure. bleak is good tho.

that Death and Life one is great. maybe I like art best as a rapid scroll through images online. gonna have a gander at those flower and forest scenes, love me some of that.


Oh, absolute same! Once drank so much of the stuff I threw up green and had a mild panic, drunkenly thinking I was turning into a zombie or somethint



should have gone to see Klimt instead. immediately blown away by the flowers stuff and especially the forest stuff. just like… that’s what forests feel like in dreams, loaded with intense, enigmatic, feverish detail.


Sister in law’s flirty 30th which is making me feel bad for ever moaning about coming out. Shes brill though, I’ve danced to a lot of spice girls with her tonight.


:joy: it’s a bit of a Fisher Price shot but so much more palatable than that sticky bastard sammy-b.


Yes! Think all the sugar gives you a bit of a boost as well.
Oh no, no no no. Can’t handle that, can’t even smell the stuff. Stuff of the devil!
How’s the pub? :slight_smile:


I like the houses by the sea. That painting almost makes me cry. For various reasons.


they’re very beautiful. a few weeks ago i had a dream that I was in a swamp like the blue green forest stuff he does and some of his paintings that look like jewels and gold were underneath the water of the ponds.

oh haha obviously I posted about it on here

thought I did, one of the best things my brain has come up with.

also I had a wee in the ponds.


Ha so many bad experiences with flaming sambuca as a young chap.

Pub is grand! And very local so no big stretch to get back to my lovely bed. I’ve had some birthday cake, all is well.


Friend’s birthday drinks. Just got home. Clive now asleep on the floor wearing only socks and jumper. I shall enjoy having the bed to myself. Hope you all have a good night.


What a lovely image.



Eyyyy! Happy days. Can’t beat a bit of birthday cake tbf. Think the celebratory aspect makes it taste even better.
Funnily enough I’m about to eat some birthday cake flavoured ice cream in bed


The word hero gets used a lot these days, however…


Went out for a ‘Caribbean’ after booze still in a pizza place on the way home.



Obviously I’m really sorry about the circumstances that lead to it happening, but can’t help but keep thinking I’d love to hear you swear for 15 minutes straight! Please consider starting a sweary podcast, thank you


Might offer it as a raffle prize…


@incandenza @tricklenipple either/both o youse wanna come see the klimt/schiele at the RA wiv me?


In the pub playing uno and watching ice hockey

It’s 460 to 458 (uno, not hockey)


Had too much wine and pie at my parents’ house earlier then came home and ate a load of pick n mix and drank some fancy coffee rum and I think my stomach may explode. Send help.