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I got woken up at 7:30 by the postman with a package. Just having coffee in bed with my shows (real housewives of New Jersey) and then I’m gonna make mince pies and maybe do some form of exercise if I can be arsed.

What are you up to today?

Morning Meow.

Awake since 5 for no reason :sleeping:

Helping my friend move house this morning, thought it was a group of us but it transpired last night that I’m the only one that volunteered. Yay!

Morning Meo,

I am feeling a little bleary eyed after a 2:30am bed-time and 7am start.

Just had a nice long bath and going to head down to the local cafe for a coffee before getting the train(s) to Basingstoke for football. Live updates and match report duty - probably end up having some beer too.

Playing with my son, making some Christmas decorations. Baby has hand foot and mouth which means I might…I mean the kids might not see Santa at his grotto tmrw. Gutted.
Had some of the best mince pies I’ve ever had over last few days. Amazing

Morning all.

Just about to set off for Nottingham for a rare night away with Mrs W and no kids or dogs. This is a lovely thing.

The downside is that I actually have to go and see Def Leppard tonight. Fuck.


Need to get up and tidy the flat and stuff. Didn’t get in until 2am though :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

I won an award last night


Morning all. Dropped my breakfast all over my dressing gown/the floor this morning. It was the last of my cereal.


Yay! What was the award for?


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Sup meo, all. Decorating the house today, gotta nip into Wimbledon to pick up some last minute bits then gotta go to Homesense for decs :blush::christmas_tree:

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Off to spin class in a bit. Can’t believe this is now something I choose to do on a Saturday morning but it’s a good thing.

Getting the :christmas_tree:from the market later and will also scope out some goodies for @Tuna’s raffle prize.


Morning meow and all,

Bit rough but left the pub at 10 for chips/train home so not nearly as rough as if I hadn’t made that excellent decision.

Find it hard to enjoy myself at this time of hear with over-busy pubs.

No plans. Should probably do something but might onesie up and do nothing.

New baubles please ahaha.


You should pop in and say hi

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Congratulations! Who’s the person staring right at the camera behind you?



Penge CC best endurance rider of the year. Its in memory of one of our members who died last year who did similarly silly rides:


Up at 4.30, in work for 5.45. I’m zzzzzzz today.

Hope this isn’t an omen

Sorry this is a really shit photo, here’s another


Wish I was going to a good spin class this morning tbh