It’s not dated well :grimacing:


I was going to put ‘A Little South Of Sanity’ on in the car the other day and decided not to for fear of this very reason.


It’s dated on every level: casual sexism/locker-room transphobia, terrible guitar solos, a voice like trapping your balls in a zip-fly


Had a load of Belgian quads and watching the big lebowski. Hey Saturday evening


Top night right there.


Pub I’m in (the Academy, Aberystwyth fans) is dead. Had a half decent chat with the barman though. Not sure whether to have one more before bed.


Have 2 more


Yeah I’m gonna have to watch this now as I’ve now got all the quotes going round in my head.


Go to Pier Pressure.




Maybe rummers though.


Finished my room after a stressful few monts i honestly cannot say ive felt better in recent memory


I’m in Rummers. This is NOT close to the bar I remember. They’ve added an upstairs that I HATE


There was decent chip shop between rummers and academy wasn’t there though?

Did you go to Karl Kennedy at the union?;


Yes… Used to be my local when I was living on South Road (06/07). Closed now and not replaced by the looks of things.

Karl Kennedy At the Union would have been this week, 12 years ago. I went stone cold sober because of the Aber 10k the next morning. I finished 7th, thanks for asking.

Edit I didn’t count the years properly, it was Dec 2006, not 2007


Def Leppard are playing the songs of Def Leppard very proficiently. And there are lasers. I like the lasers.


I didn’t go for some reason (maybe had an essay due or something) but I was obsessed with Neighbours at uni and my housemate brought me back at t-shirt.

I lived on Baker St. 05/06, was back in Pentre Jane Morgan 06/07.


02/03 - 112 PJM
03/04 - 9 Llanbadarn Rd (or 9 houses from the end of the A44)
05/06 - 96 PJM
06/07 - Mor Anned, South Road.


Sax solo


Don’t think I was aware of this song at the age of 19.