That’s a shame. Good album




Have you not been following the Lady MEAT thread?


Have you been covered in sugar yet?


i just did this except i went out and they cooked. have eaten so much i can barely move.



Bored, but its not bed time yet is it


Why haven’t I watched King of the Hill season 3 for so long! It’s on 4 Music now and I can’t believe how good it is and how little I’ve seen it in years.


Is season 3 where Hank ends up working in B&Q?

I haven’t seen past that.


It was bedtime an hour ago.

I’m drinking beers and buying stuff I don’t need.


What beers Keith?


I could correct your spoiler, but basically yes.


Midnight is the Saturday bedtime in your 30s
11 when your reach 40
10 when you reach 50…and so on

  • I’m Wide Awake Its Morning
  • Digital Ash in a Digital Urn

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I had a Siren Beast from The East earlier (think it’s been in the cupboard too long and was a bit too tangy) and a Drygate Hoppipollo (nice, mild orange white IPA.)


This needs a thread of its own.

Sleep’s important.


Finished my many months long rewatch of Twin Peaks


I’d started watching loads of em but fell off the repeats. Regret that. I wish they were on one of the streaming thingies


I’m gonna read the whole thread tomorrow.


looks ace :+1: makes me want to make an effort and sort my room out. maybe I’ll have a tidy up at least.


Three in a row on TV this evening. Wish they’d released season 6 and onwards on DVD.