They have! I’ve got all 13 seasons. 7-13 are by a different distribution/production company and are very basic but you can get them on Amazon.


Ahhh. I need to go look then :slight_smile:



It’s so good. There are a few dud episodes here and there obviously but it’s mainly so so good all the way through. Fun fact: When I picked a new username it was a toss up between this and DaleGribble.


Having one more beer


I found this is my notes the other day and have literally no idea what it means:

Let’s get a cab thengf

I’m being accused of slur


Debating this


Had to accidentally bought a Berliner weisse can’t be having that as my last drink.


Ha. I’ve a DIPA or a Verdant APA. Will probably leave it.


Haven’t had a verdant in ages. Go for that.


Not happening now. I’m going to bed.


Why am I still awake?


Just waiting for my burger. How are you?


Weird how empty it is isn’t it.


You love booze.


what you going for, man?


‘any burger’



‘Get stuffed with meal deals’ is a great line.


kebab pizza and the mighty meat please, boss


Went for the standard burger and chips extra onion and lettuce (free)


really want a burger rn