Good morning!

I’ve a rotten cold and can’t sleep so here I am making the thread at 6am. How are we all doing?

Hiya Jook.

I’m just having a coffee before being picked up in twenty minutes for a big bike ride. Weather looks a bit dodge tbh, could be an interesting day.

Where you off to?

Good luck today Niki :slight_smile: you got this! :+1:


Beer fefstival (:+1: ) then a pantomime for me.( :confused: )
Gonna go for a run when the sun is up.

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Woke up early! Gonna get up in a min to have toast then going to attempt to shave a whole 15 seconds off my Parkrun to finally achieve my sub 30 5km. Doubt it will happen tho.


Alright Saturday. DiS meat later.


Morning Jook, morning all.

Just boarded a train to London. It’s late and now we’re involved in a race against time to get a bus from Baker Street. I can hear the saxomaphone now. Made an absolute howler at the coffee place, only ordered a flat white each and am now ruing my lack of a second

Have a great day, all.

Work in a bit. Wish I was going to the meat, very nearly stowed away in my parents’ car when they left for London yesterday. Ate way too much veggie chilli yesterday so that’ll keep me occupied and away from customers most of the day I guess.


Awake MUCH earlier than intended. Going to have a long hot bath, then go for coffee before a pretty big and emotionally charged day at football as we pay respects to one of Hendon’s favourite ever players in modern times - then, 95% certain for the DiS meat.

Morning all. Sitting in bed while the girls watch videos on YouTube. Feeling weirdly emotional / sad: had some pretty intense dreams so maybe that’s it. Got people coming over for dinner tonight, going to the football this afternoon, and I think we’re just going to potter round the house / play board games / that sort of thing this morning.

Not slept a wink. Need coffee but totally out.

:hugs: hope all’s okay x


Been up most of the night and now I don’t want to get out of bed. Got plans to do all sorts of things I feel too lazy to actually do now.

The flat is a state too, can someone clean it for me please.

I’ve got to do a whole bunch of organising and throwing stuff out later and I really can’t be arsed!

Where is the Ricky park run held? Is it at the Aquadrome?

It’s a lovely little place, yeah. Enjoy!

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Morning all! Pretty knackered today - I think the exhaustion from information overload that comes with starting a new job has properly hit.

Off to get my hair cut this morning then do some exercise before spending the rest of the day practising for the Dis State live night as that’s now exactly four weeks away…

Might try to cook something nice but I don’t know what. :thinking:

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Was gonna parkrun but got to go and put some stuff in storage instead :neutral_face: still at least storage facilities are strangely exciting places.

Question for parkrunners, do you still have to turn up with the barcode thingy or has the world moved on yet?