I’m up earlyish to go drive into the middle of nowhere with these lads to try to win a giant novelty Star Wars mousemat.

Not entirely sure that I can be arsed, if I’m honest, but if I don’t go then I need to hang out with the gf’s parents all day so I’m definitely going.

What are you up to?


Morning! Got to leave for work in a bit, I’m still in bed, obviously. Got shitloads of work to do for a change and one incompetent, hysterical colleague with me. 2 days left until a week off though so who cares! Might make a pie later, yeah you know what, I will.

Good luck, Yoda mouse


What kind of pie? Spare no details, please.

I’ll get some steak from the butchers at work, and a bottle of Totnes Stout to go in it, probably mushrooms and maybe, just maybe, a small amount of Devon Blue cheese. And gravy. And pastry.


Happy Saturday everyone :slight_smile:

It’s actually forecast to be Not Freezing today so might go out for a walk somewhere. Going to make some pork canelons (they’re supposed to have veal in them but no thanks to that) from a Rick Stein book. It’s a bit of a faffy recipe (making own pasta, bechamel, filling) but it’s quite tasty.

Other than that: no real plans.

Bloomin’ 'eck that sounds delicious


Hiya. I’m in Bristol aren’t I.

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Finally the weekend proper. No massively exciting plans, but let’s see how the day unfurls eh?


Gonna do another coat of paint in a bedroom, change the brake pads on my bike, maaaybe go for a run.

Off to see black midi tonight.

@epimer crush all those before you


Going to Brighton. Mustn’t forget to pack my trunks!



Been up since 6:30 for no reason so just been reading. Only plans today are exercise, music and maybe fish and chips for dinner.

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Doing a paw patrol jigsaw in bed. Don’t ask.


Yours doesn’t sound too shabby either!

Hi Top Squad.

It’s cold, it’s wet, so of course I’m going out to play golf. Standard.

Currently listening to Gaz Coombes.

You are now officially the closest DiSer to me, at a mere 120 miles.


She’s so close isn’t she!!

Got family coming round for V’s birthday In a bit so better get tidying, cooking etc.

Got to renew my library books as well…wahtan exciting day.

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Not gonna lie Slickers, that was pretty exciting watching that edit in real time and wondering what the end of your post would be.

didn’t disappoint huh??

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Not one bit.

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