Omg this looks divine. How did you do it?


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The steps are basically:

  • start making the bechamel sauce (stick some cloves in an onion and then put the onion in two and a half pints of full fat milk with some bay leaves; bring to the boil; leave to cool);
  • make the filling (pork mince*, Serrano ham, mushrooms, flour, milk, parsley, nutmeg, seasoning);
  • make some pasta (using a pasta machine, cutting the strips of pasta into rectangles - though you can also do it by buying lasagna sheets and cooking then til soft;
  • spoon a couple of tbsp of the filling onto each sheet, roll up and place in an oven dish;
  • finish the bechamel sauce (strain the milk into another pan, over some flour and butter; whisk until the sauce thickens);
  • pour the sauce over the canalons; sprinkle grated Manchego on top;
  • bake for 30 mins at 200C;
  • eat;
  • fall into a food coma.

* the recipe calls for half pork mince and half veal, but I am a bit squeamish about using veal

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Round at my bro and sister in laws for a wee burns supper with a few drams.

Not sure how much more I’ve got in me tonight, it’s been a mental couple of days/nights.



I’m super hungover. Friends are telling me I went fucking mental in a pub trying to recite the spoken word bit from Scat man. Doh


Beeeee ba ba bada


Same! Having haggis stuffed in chicken wrapped in Parma ham with neeps and tatties. Got a bottle of Cragganmore 12 yesterday so popping that in the sauce and gonna sink a bit later. Cheers man! :tumbler_glass:


Picked up a copy of 2001 by Dr Dre on vinyl for a tenner earlier. Think Sainsbury’s is my new favourite record shop.

Bought chips. Has any chip shop, anywhere, ever served a reasonable amount of chips?

I bought a regular portion and it’s about half a field worth of potatoes.


Not having pie I’m afraid, really couldn’t ba. Smothered some pork steaks in maple syrup, mustard, and garlic instead. Ngl they smell so good I’m basically sat in front of the oven watching it like a telly.
Just started the Ted Bundy tapes, ideal light Saturday night viewing.

Slainte paisan :tumbler_glass:


made buffalo cauffalo :copyright: @ghostpony

it’s amazing. is eating a whole head of cauliflower to yourself unreasonable? don’t care actually


Went to a home farm. Saw some cows.


Good ain’t it


I feel like I’m the uncredited Cauli Zero on this site.

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cutest face I’ve ever seen

Made cola-roasted gammon with collard-ish greens, corn on the cob and hash browns.

No photos but it was tasty.

We made some minor parenting mistakes by allowing The Child to get involved too.


I made some pasty’s for dinner but then found out it’s burns night or something, so it seems like I’m making some sort point but I’m not.



Why is my face really warm?