☀ Saturday! :Sunny:

Morning all

I haven’t started a thread in a while but here we go. How are you? Did you sleep well? Much planned for today?

I’ve included some sun emojis because it’s forecast to be sunny today. I hope that the sun shines wherever you are.


Morning. Had a good sleep. Mad dreams though. Now awake far too early.

Have to go get the bairn a covid test cause he’s getting tonsils out on Monday. Will get him a toy and some pyjamas and slippers for hospital too.


Morning darlings.

Gonna pick up my new mtb in an hour!

Then ride it :bike:



Morning, slept really well cheers :smiley:

Gonna run 20mile then watch football and drink beer all afternoon. Film later.


Morning ccb, shiny, tilty, mwt, overthehill and everyone.

Woke up a few times in the night so feeling a bit groggy, but it’s fine because it’s Saturday.

Might go for a bit of a walk later

I’ve bought myself a model kit as something to do during lockdown, which should arrive today. Feel like I might have crossed a point of no return en route to becoming a total nerd.

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Morning all! Woke up at 5am every day for the past week, and this morning has been no exception. Yay. :sleeping:

Going to just do some music and mastering stuff today. Looking forward to it tbh.

I woke up about 4am freezing cold. We’re having our roof redone and so there’s just tarpaulin and ceiling plaster between us and the outside world.

Also I had a dream in which I was hanging out with Alexis from Schitts Creek (and some other woman) and they were trying crack for the first time.

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Tired and sad I’m off back to work on Monday. Had a great 4 weeks with my family. Also worried about the load on my wife.

Yes but not enough of it

A walk to the park, maybe a trip to the beer shop. Don’t even know what’s happening for dinner. Have done a mountain of washing up already, and saved a pan that I thought my wife had ruined (burnt on custard).


Stayed up late proof reading a book about my band and then binged on Desperate Housewives (series 7 argh) until I finally nodded off at gone 3, it’s not even 8am and I’m awake.

Going for a bike ride with a made later, I’ll buy a bottle of wine for later and crack on with my Ian Brown concept album.

Ooh new bike what you getting??

Also, morning everyone! Absolutely nowt planned here aside from walking the dogs and making pancakes. Don’t even have to run this weekend, as I’ve done my weekly target as of last night…

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Morning all!

The Child is full of cold and has been up loads through the night. We’ve talked her into taking a day off from gymnastics and we’ll probably have a bit of a duvet day instead.

I’m making the Max’s ham and egg sandwich later.

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Good morning everyone, lovely to see you all. Absolutely nothing scheduled today, probably just go for a walk, make some bbq baked beans, do a teeny bit of work. Hope your Saturdays are as good as can be

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Slept badly but feel surprisingly chipper still! Today’s plans: breakfast, sweep, make tea, steep, lunch, weep, tatties, neeps, Strictly, sleep.

Ohh what’s this? You’ve written a book about your band?

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This might be of interest to hashtag fans of chai @Scout


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Too much booze and not enough sleep but could be worse.

A long list of jobs to do around the house today in preparation for moving though, so it’s quite nice to have an hour or two to myself with coffee and music before all that.

Cooking a jackfruit curry tonight :muscle:

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Not on ordinary teabags book but looks interesting

  • Spend my precious Saturday formatting my laptop and putting a fresh install of Windows on it, and everything else that entails, because it’s running like shit and slowing me down at work
  • Don’t do that

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Morning kids

There’s a very real risk of running out of coffee filter papers this morning. More are on order, but they’ve been delayed apparently. I hope they arrive before I have to resort to instant.

No plans for today because lockdown, but I have got lots of records by artists beginning with G to post in my insta stories

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