☀ Saturday! :Sunny:

I forgot the clean the filter out of my coffee machine and it’s stunk like mould ever since, NOTHING will get rid of the smell so I’ve ended up being more-or-less caffeine-free since September.

Really want a coffee.

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There’s a trick with coffee grinders where you’re meant to put rice through them to clean them. I bet there’s something similar for whatever coffee machine you have too.

Off for a family walk at a country park in a bit


Morning! Zero plans today. Might drag kids out for a wander but seems unlikely really…

Might watch a Spanish based film that someone at work keeps recommending. Prob not though.


Having coffee

Seems a nice morning. I will go for a bike in the woods, hopefully with my son, then just do music or clean the flat or whatever.

Beer/ takeaway/ films tonight

New take on ‘put it in a bowl of rice’. I like it

It’s the solution to anything

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Moors Valley?


M having her friend over for a sleepover later (she’s in the same class as her and lives nextdoor to us so suppose I’m ignoring lockdown but for someone she spends about 7 hours a day with anyway so :woman_shrugging:t2:)

Typically have run out of cereal and milk and stuff they’ll both want tomorrow.

About to go on a bike ride for the first time in ages. Try and get to denver (not that one) and maybe west dereham. #norfolkgoals

Gonna do another city in the cities thread later too.

Ate a twix
Going for a full pace 5k so might throw that twix back up in the park.
Fulham AND Colchester are both on the telly today so I’ll be watching those, making a lasagne and sorting out some loose ends of work for the rest of the day

Morning. It’s a nice day so off to chuck some :flying_disc:

I don’t miss much about the south but Moors Valley is really, really nice and I have so many good memories from there as a kid


My boss lives in Dereham

West Dereham born and raised

Morning all.

Keep forgetting we’re in NL2: the bloodening, and thinking of the places we can go to look for furniture.

Probably going to be a walk down the river to Didsbury Village to go to the butchers and get a coffee.

God knows after that though.

Morning ccb and friends :wave:

The plan for today is:

Wash then dress and make upped properly for the first time this week! Hooray!


go outside for the first time this week :grimacing: buy a nice coffee maybe visit an antique shop… though it’s VERY far away :confused:

More painting




I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself for buying 2 custard slices (reduced to 63p!) yesterday, pretty pleased indeed :sunglasses:

Today = breakfast, read, shower + put clothes on, walk, eat stew with dumplings :yum: play a game, drink some prosecco and ???

Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday


I used to live about a mile away from Moors Valley. The pub at the end of the road (The Struan) used to be Harry Redknapp’s local when he was managing Bournemouth.

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Have been stressed and overwhelmed lately so today I will shut everything away and have a long walk and bring my camera and try to be calm and happy, then sort out my laundry and all of that when it gets dark and make myself a nice dinner and watch a film. Probably not the most practical of solutions but today is so beautiful :blush: